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  • Sponsored By Mimecast // Apr 2015

    4 Critical Risks Facing Microsoft® Office 365™ Implementations

    Moving to Microsoft® Office 365™ has risks for availability and security. But with planning, you can make your migration a smooth process that keeps users happy and keeps your business moving forward. In this white paper you’ll learn how to: • Keep email working if Office 365 is offline •...

  • Sponsored By LogMeIn Australia // Apr 2015

    Death of The Web Conference (As We Know It)

    It comes as no surprise that the sheer volume of meetings is on the rise for today’s average employee. Nor should it come as a shock that the vast majority of today’s employees report they get little or no value out of most of the meetings they attend. Yet, few...

  • Sponsored By LogMeIn Australia // Apr 2015

    Unshackling Online Meetings for Business Users

    Online meetings are ideal for collaboration both within the business and with customers, but too often technology solutions get in the way, creating delays or even missed meetings that can jeopardise opportunities and revenue. This Report will Identify how organisations today are improving their collaboration systems and avoiding the costly...

  • Sponsored By LogMeIn Australia // Apr 2015

    Forbes Insights: Tooling Up for Collaboration

    Collaboration is key. To most organizations, in fact, it is a significant source of comparative advantage. As such, the number of meetings—opportunities to share concerns, plan strategies, prioritize focuses, coordinate responses and track progress toward goals—is on the rise. The following report combines quantitative research sponsored by join.me by LogMeIn...

  • Sponsored By Hewlett-Packard (HP) // Apr 2015

    Data-Driven Enterprise Infrastructure

    Big Data presents a massive opportunity. Your customers—who have come to expect a high level of responsiveness thanks to the consumerization of IT— demand that information and offers be custom-tailored to their needs. At the same time, IT must move from being a cost center to a value creator by...

  • Sponsored By Hewlett-Packard (HP) // Apr 2015

    Insights: 2015 Infrastructure Imperatives

    As technology continues to change at a rapid pace and digitization pushes both IT and business boundaries, your IT infrastructure, operations, and organization must change. HP believes that successful enterprises with traditional IT systems now need to navigate a way to evolve their infrastructure and operations in order to enable...

  • Sponsored By Hewlett-Packard (HP) // Apr 2015

    2015 Report: Profiling Infrastructure Leaders

    As technology continues to change at a rapid pace and digitization pushes boundaries, you must adapt your IT infrastructure as well. We believe successful enterprises with traditional IT systems now need to navigate a way to operate and evolve their infrastructure that will meet the business needs of today and...

  • Sponsored By Qualys // Apr 2015

    Best Practices for Selecting a Vulnerability Management (VM) Solution (French)

    With attackers using increasingly-sophisticated ways to break into systems, manual methods of locating and inspecting devices on your network are no longer enough. The right Vulnerability Management (VM) solution can monitor your environment, enabling you to: discover devices running in your network, determine whether they are vulnerable to attack, find...

  • Sponsored By Hewlett-Packard (HP) // Apr 2015

    IT Megatrends’ Impact On Infrastructure

    Your IT infrastructure plays a pivotal role in delivering the responsive services and positive experiences employees and customers demand today, serving as a bridge to a New Style of IT that integrates cloud, mobility, big data, and security. To meet these demands, infrastructure and operations leaders must work with the...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2015

    Mobile Device Management for Retail 

    With Mobile Device Management (MDM), Retail IT can ensure security of information across iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2015

    Mobile Device Management for Financial Services

    With Mobile Device Management (MDM) iPhones, iPads and the slew of Androids on the market, you can meet the balance of open access for employees while ensuring adherence to regulatory compliance.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2015

    Addressing NIST and DOD Requirements for Mobile Device Management

    Federal: This white paper reviews requirements from the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) about Mobile Device security for usage in Federal affairs.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2015

    Mobile Device Management for Healthcare

    With Mobile Device Management (MDM) healthcare can rest easy that staff, doctors and nurses are equipped to deal with all emergencies.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2015

    Mobile Device Management for Education

    Get the latest mobile devices and apps in the hands of learners and educators quickly and securely with mobile device and app management.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2015

    The ABC’s of Mobile Device Management

    Check out our “ABC’s of Mobile Device Management” e-book to learn about Android fragmentation, BYOD, the Cloud and more. Download it today!

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2015

    Ten Commandments of Bring Your Own Device

    End users are demanding their own devices in the workplace, making IT the shepherds of a potentially unruly flock.
The good news is IT can embrace BYOD with security and confidence given the right preparation and technology.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2015

    Enterprise Mobility Management: The Big Bang Theory

    Mobile device Management was just the beginning of enterprise security needs for iOS, Android, Windows and the ever expanding universe of devices. Data, Apps and access are what will send businesses into a new galaxy of great performance. Get there at safely light-speed with Enterprise Mobility Management.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2015

    Ten Reasons You Don’t Need MDM

    Tired of hearing all the ways you need to go “mobile” and all the ”things” it can do for your business. Don’t buy the hype, here’s a list of perfectly valid reasons fast and secure mobile deployment and management is a bunch of hullabaloo and poppycock.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2015

    Mobile Data Security: Finding the Balance

    Bring Your Own Device has changed the rules for corporate security on smartphones and tablets. Companies need to find the right balance in securing devices and data without sacrificing the intuitive native experience that has made business move from typing to swiping.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2015

    2014 Gartner Report: Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites 

    The Gartner Magic Quadrant is one of the most influential research tools that IT buyers use to evaluate enterprise mobility security vendors.