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  • Sponsored By Optus // Mar 2015

    Register For the Free Optus and FireEye Webinar

    Hard to believe the world’s biggest sporting event was 229 days ago. The FIFA World Cup seems like a lifetime ago – it’s hard to remember who hosted, let alone who did well. What’s harder to believe is if you just discovered a security threat, chances are you’ve been vulnerable...

  • Sponsored By QlikTech // Mar 2015

    Qlik Executive Brief - The Link Between Sales Analytics and Sales Performance

    There is an undeniable link between the use of sales analytics and strong sales performance. An organization’s ability to grow revenue in a sustainable, predictable way relies on sales analytics. Sales organizations must find a way to aggregate, sift through, and make sense of all of their data to find...

  • Sponsored By QlikTech // Mar 2015

    Aberdeen Checklist - How B2B Salespeople Learn to Love Their Data

    In a recent study, Aberdeen provided a data and performance-driven bridge between two unlikely enterprise business partners: Sales Leadership and the IT team. The common ground here is sales analytics, or the business intelligence tools that leader companies more effectively leverage to support better sales forecasting, deal-making, and closing activities...

  • Sponsored By QlikTech // Mar 2015

    CITO Research E-Book - Empowering Sales with Self Service BI

    Read this e-book and learn how to empower sales with self-service business intelligence in order to gain better insight into your pipeline, get to know your customers better, close bigger deals faster, and uncover better cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with less effort. Download this e-book to learn more.

  • Sponsored By Microsoft // Mar 2015

    IDC: Capturing the $1.6 Trillion Data Dividend

    In recent years, the promise and, in some cases, the hype of big data have produced plenty of critics who doubt the benefits of big data or point to the potential pitfalls facing organisations engaged in big data and analytics projects. This white paper provides the results of an IDC...

  • Sponsored By Microsoft // Mar 2015

    Forrester: Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft SQL Server

    From the information obtained through interviews with six organisations and surveys collected from 48 more, Forrester has constructed a Total Economic Impact (TEI) framework outlining the implementation of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and/or Microsoft SQL Server 2014. The objective of the framework is to identify the cost, benefit, flexibility, and...

  • Sponsored By Sophos // Mar 2015

    Firewall Buyers Guide

    Five key areas to consider when choosing your next firewall Checklist of the security capabilities you need Questions to ask vendors to make sure they meet your requirements Comparisons of Sophos, Fortinet, Dell SonicWALL and WatchGuard

  • Sponsored By Sophos // Mar 2015

    A Manager's Guide to Unified Threat Management and Next-Gen Firewalls

    A lot of security vendors use the terms Unified Threat Management (UTM) and Next-Gen Firewall (NGFW) interchangeably - so it's easy to get confused about which type of protection is right for you. This Manager's Guide helps you answer these questions: Is a UTM solution right for my organisation? What...

  • Sponsored By Sophos // Mar 2015

    Protecting Your Roaming Workforce With Cloud-Based Security

    Remote and roaming workers are constantly checking email, downloading data and staying productive. Results are their top priority - security is not. IT departments must mitigate the risks of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

  • Sponsored By Sophos // Mar 2015

    Endpoint Buyers Guide

    Evaluating the many components that make up an endpoint security solution can be overwhelming. This buyers guide provides independent research and test results to help you determine your endpoint security solution requirements and identify the vendor that best meets your needs.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Mar 2015

    The Fundamental Five: Mapping the cloud maturity curve

    Cloud computing has become a business-critical issue, and organisations must take a methodical approach if they are to get the business benefits they have been told—and sold—to expect. This Report will take you through a 5 step approach to get the most out of your cloud.

  • Sponsored By Anixter // Mar 2015

    Laying the groundwork for a New Level of Wireless Access Performance

    CommScope has developed this paper in order to provide guidance and recommendations for enterprise IT professionals who are charged with designing and deploying the cabling infrastructure to support their rapidly expanding needs for wireless access.

  • Sponsored By Anixter // Mar 2015

    CommScope Report: Category 8 Cabling Standards Update

    CommScope’s Standards Advisor provides updates on TIA specifications—under development and completed—covering the following technologies: Power over Ethernet, telecommunications physical network security, distributed antenna system (DAS) cabling, high performance structured cabling (HPSC), mode conversion, and fibre-optic test procedures. It also provides brief updates from standards activities within INCITS T11 (Fibre Channel);...

  • Sponsored By Anixter // Mar 2015

    CommScope Report: NGBASE-T Cabling Requirements

    A recent technical report from CommScope provides an in-depth update on the latest IEEE developments for NGBASE-T and associated cabling specifications in the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), and in the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)/International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) in support of this application.

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Mar 2015

    Are You Looking For a Way to End the Finger Pointing and Improve Your Customers’ Experience?

    This whitepaper explains the benefits of a monitoring solution that equips enterprise IT organisations and service providers with capabilities to dramatically improve service quality and reduce the costs and time of IT service delivery.

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Mar 2015

    The Power and Payback of Unified Monitoring

    This report from Ovum outlines how CA UIM has been implemented to ensure organisations are able to gain transparency into IT infrastructure and applications, and thereby reduce IT operations costs.

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Mar 2015

    The Complete Guide to Monitoring Virtualised Environments

    Driven by such compelling advantages as increased agility, scale and cost savings, today’s organisations are growing ever more reliant on virtualisation, whether of servers, desktops or cloud platforms. However, for many organisations simply understanding, let alone optimising, service levels in complex, highly dynamic virtual environments continues to be a challenge....

  • Sponsored By IBM // Mar 2015

    Good Apps, Bad Apps - The Cost Of Creating Exceptional Mobile Moments Through Mobile Apps

    In August 2014, IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the impact of “good” or “bad” mobile applications on a company’s brand, revenue, and cost structure through primary research and the creation of a cost framework and model. Forrester performed three studies to identify the characteristics of good and bad mobile...

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Mar 2015

    25 Reasons to Choose CA Unified Infrastructure Management

    In the managed services market, monitoring capabilities can play an integral role in the type, quality, and revenue potential of services provided. Further, they can play a determining role in how successfully a service provider business can scale. This whitepaper offers a comparison of CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM,...

  • IBM

    Sponsored By IBM // Mar 2015

    IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index Report

    This report is based on cyber security event data that IBM Managed Security Services collected between April 2012 and March 2013 in the course of monitoring client security devices and data derived from responding to and performing forensics on cyber security incidents. Read More..