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    Sponsored By Lenovo & Intel // Sep 2015

    Importance of Workstation System Design In Manufacturing

    In manufacturing today, technology drives competitive advantage by fostering innovation, productivity and cost-efficiency. In the face of increasingly tough global competition, technology is the manufacturer’s avenue for shortening time-to-market; improving production efficiency; developing new products, and much more. Within that environment, Workstations are the critical link between highly-skilled workers and...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Sep 2015

    2015 Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management

    Gartner, Inc. has positioned IBM Security Systems as a leader in providing Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software in the newly published Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM Technology. Read the Gartner report to learn why IBM Security is positioned as a leader, the strenghts of IBM QRadar for SIEM...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Sep 2015

    Stepping up The Battle Against Advanced Threat - Report

    Trusteer Apex delivers a new approach to advanced malware protection - Stateful Application Control. By understanding what applications are doing and why, the software can help protect against the latest advanced malware attacks without increasing IT overhead or disrupting end users.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Sep 2015

    Success that scales: Delivering Security Intelligence for Organisations of all Sizes

    Like kids in a candy store, cybercriminals can’t wait to get their hands on your company's confidential information. You need security tools that detect the latest threats before they can cause damage. This paper explains how a security intelligence platform can offer you immediate protection and help you scale for...

  • Sponsored By Macquarie Telecom Australia // Sep 2015

    What is the Future of Work in Australia?

    This infographic analyses the changing face of the Australian working life. Work has shifted from a place you go to, to a thing you do. According to research from elance over 3.7 million Australians are now freelancing in some capacity, which is roughly 30% of the Australian workforce. Find out...

  • Sponsored By Macquarie Telecom Australia // Sep 2015

    Why CIOs aren’t sleeping at night

    Take a look at the rapidly changing role of CIO’s & IT departments in Australia. Just as the industrial revolution changed the way the world worked way back when, so too is our very own information revolution changing things for all time. There you are, right smack bang in the...

  • Sponsored By Macquarie Telecom Australia // Sep 2015

    5 Steps to Writing a Winning IT Business Case

    Many reports are looking at how the world of technology is changing and how to prepare for this challenging future of work. Now we want to provide you with some of the tools to help implement the new technologies your company needs to thrive in this exciting new world. This...

  • Sponsored By Hewlett-Packard (HP) // Sep 2015

    451 Research Report: IT Ops Can Thrive in a DevOps World

    Does IT still have buying power in the world of DevOps? The answer is a solid ‘yes,’ based on our findings across 11 different categories of IT. The IT organisation is also heavily involved in most assessment and specification activity. Read more and learn how to procure new tools much...

  • Sponsored By Hewlett-Packard (HP) // Sep 2015

    HP Data Center Transformation workshop

    Learn how the HP Data Center Transformation Workshop helps to consolidate, standardise and automate technology; reduce energy consumption; reduce costs and changes the economics of IT.

  • Sponsored By Dell and Intel // Sep 2015

    5 Ways to Save Time and Money on Your Data Backups

    When it comes to IT professionals, one universal truth always seems to be present: You have way more work than you have time. Not to worry. This short e-book will highlight five key approaches that can not only help you save time managing backups, but control costs too. Together, these...

  • Sponsored By Dell and Intel // Sep 2015

    Downtime Costs How Much? Calculating the Business Value of Disaster Recovery

    As an IT professional, you will experience a system failure, outage, or complete site disaster. It’s inevitable, and your organisation probably already has some sort of disaster recovery (DR) plan in place. Most days, you probably don’t even think about DR. You focus on projects that streamline processes, decrease costs...

  • Sponsored By Symantec // Sep 2015

    Beginner's Guide to SSL Certificates (Portuguese)

    Download Beginners Guide to SSL Certificates: Making the Best Choice when Considering Your Online Security Options to learn how VeriSign SSL Certificates offer SSL protection and more--all in a single solution. Read More..

  • Sponsored By Symantec // Sep 2015

    Your Quick Reference Guide To Always-On SSL (Portuguese)

    As a leading provider of SSL certificates, Symantec is here to help you discover all you need to know about the benefits of Always-On SSL - and to help you successfully implement it. You will learn how to protect data from unauthorized access, misuse or counterfeiting and save costs at...

  • Sponsored By Pure Storage // Aug 2015

    The Ultimate Storage for VMware Horizon View

    This whitepaper discusses on how Pure Storage deduplication and compression work great on all kinds of applications, but VDI is one of the best. With >10-to-1 data reduction, Pure Storage can make all-flash VDI cheaper than disk or hybrid disk/flash solutions, without the performance compromise of adding disk to your...

  • Sponsored By Pure Storage // Aug 2015

    FlashStack Converged Infrastructure for Virtual Desktops

    This report will help bring the power and efficiency of all-flash storage to your entire data centre. By building a highly available converged infrastructure solution based on industry-leading components from Cisco and VMware. It scales seamlessly from small to large, and provides all-flash speed and reliability to all your data...

  • Sponsored By Pure Storage // Aug 2015

    Five Reasons to run MS-SQL on All-Flash

    All-flash arrays are now priced at a point that they are less expensive than a performance HDD system, but with significantly much higher performance. The DBA and storage administrator can leverage this excess capacity to both simplify the MS-SQL environment while at the same time consolidating non-database workloads onto a...

  • Sponsored By Pure Storage // Aug 2015

    Case Study: Flash array speeds up Skull Candy's data centre

    Skullcandy sees reduction in data centre footprint and improved speed and reliability of analytics system, giving granularity that wasn't possible before. Learn more about how Skullcandy’s Pure Storage FlashArray deployment eliminated performance bottlenecks in its virtualised data centre for less than the cost of mechanical disk.

  • Sponsored By Tableau Software // Aug 2015

    6 Tips for better Sales Performance Dashboards

    You don’t want to wait until the end of the quarter to discover that you’ve failed. You want to make sure that you and your sales teams are performing well and making the best decisions possible; yet dashboards are still one of the most important and often overlooked sales tools...

  • Sponsored By Tableau Software // Aug 2015

    The Must Do's of Marketing Dashboards

    Gone are the days of go-with-your-gut style marketing tactics. And so it seems gone are the marketing efforts with the ability to simply and quickly differentiate ROI across multiple channels. As big data in business continues to be a big deal, many agencies and marketing teams still struggle to combine...

  • Sponsored By Good Technology // Aug 2015

    5 Critical Steps To Securely Manage Mobile Apps And Devices

    Mobile adoption at work is mainstream. From the casual user who wants to check business email on their mobile phone, to the field technician who is carrying a mobile tablet to the customer site, the use cases addressed by mobile technologies are wide ranging. IDC predicts that 1 billion...