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  • Sponsored By Mimecast // Sep 2014

    Mimecast Services for Microsoft Office 365

    This datasheet is discussing the third party capabilities that Office 365 user should consider adding value to their platform. Mimecast provides a rich set of cloud services designed to meet the specific needs of O365 users and provides complementary services to eliminate business dependence on on-premises technologies. Check this now...

  • Sponsored By Blue Coat Systems // Sep 2014

    SANS Analyst White Paper: Finding Hidden Threats by Decrypting SSL

    This white paper describes the growing role SSL/TLS decryption plays in security, options for deploying decryption, and best practices for sharing the information generated by SSL/TLS decryption with other security monitoring systems.

  • Sponsored By Blue Coat Systems // Sep 2014

    Blue Coat SSL Visibiity

    To be secure against targeted attacks, organizations need complete visibility into the SSL traffic coming across the WAN. Discover the risks posed by the use of SSL encryption, and the products that can help you defend your business.

  • Sponsored By Blue Coat Systems // Sep 2014

    Blue Coat's Encrypted Traffic Management Interactive E-Guide

    According to Gartner, 50% of ALL network attacks will hide in SSL by 2017. SSL Encrypted traffic is pervasive and can improve security of data but it also bypasses most policy enforcement points. This is creating a significant data security, privacy and compliance risk for businesses. Get up to...

  • Sponsored By Blue Coat Systems // Sep 2014

    Stop Attacks Hiding Under the Cover of SSL Encryption

    Wasn't encryption supposed to improve network security? All too often SSL is a carrier of new and successful attacks. Discover how to transform the increased risk into an effective strategy for encrypted traffic management.

  • Sponsored By Citrix Systems, Inc. // Sep 2014

    Managing the BlackBerry Transition

    The BlackBerry enterprise mobile solution always included a powerful management and security platform for its devices. As you transition to multiple mobile platforms, you face a host of security and management challenges Discover how to address those challenges with Citrix XenMobile.

  • Sponsored By Citrix Systems, Inc. // Sep 2014

    Best Practices in Choosing, Implementing and Using MDM and EMM

    Mobility and security specialists are carefully considering enetrprise mobility management solutions. In this report Garner takes a look at best practices for evaluating and selecting an EMM solution.

  • Sponsored By Citrix Systems, Inc. // Sep 2014

    Mobile Application Management with Citrix XenMobile

    Mobility is a critical IT initiative in companies of all sizes because it is an unprecedented opportunity to increase business efficiency and competitive advantage. Beyond device management, mobile application and data management are key to achieving these benefits.

  • Sponsored By Citrix Systems, Inc. // Sep 2014

    10 Essential Elements for a Secure Mobility Strategy

    With enhanced mobility and work flexibility comes increased information security risk. Explore the security implications and capabilities of the major mobile OS platforms and learn more about best practices to fortify security while supporting new levels of productivity.

  • Sponsored By Arbor Networks // Sep 2014

    Downtime by DDoS: Taking an Integrated Multi-Layered Approach

    Companies who suffer an outage experience losses in revenue and productivity, face potential compliance and regulatory violations, and lower customer satisfaction. Increased duration or frequency of outages will ultimately affect the company brand. One of the leading reasons organizations experience network and application outages is from network/security issues like Distributed...

  • Sponsored By Arbor Networks // Sep 2014

    Frost & Sullivan - Analysis of the Global Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation Market

    This Frost and Sullivan market research study comes at a time when DDoS attacks are accelerating in purpose, sophistication, complexity, scale, and frequency. Businesses of all size have proven to be susceptible to these attacks, and though DDoS is not a new concern, the risk of DDoS attacks and...

  • Sponsored By White AU: McAfee/Intel // Sep 2014

    The Security Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

    One of hackers’ dirty little secret weapons used to penetrate even the most locked-down networks are Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs). While AETs are not a secret among the hacking community, there are misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and ineffective safeguards in use by the security experts charged with blocking AETs at most organizations....

  • Sponsored By White AU: McAfee/Intel // Sep 2014

    Industry Experts Speak Out on Advanced Evasion Techniques

    McAfee spoke with eight experts about Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs) and how they are hurting the networks, and pockets, of major corporations.

  • Sponsored By Nexsan by Imation // Sep 2014

    Hybrid Approach Rewrites The Rules For BackUp Storage

    Today’s IT professionals are expected to handle vast, rapidly-growing quantities of unstructured and structured data while slashing storage costs. That often requires settling for sluggish backup storage...until now, that is. Learn how hybrid storage shrinks backup windows and reduces RPO & RTO targets...without breaking the bank. Combining the speed of...

  • Sponsored By Box // Sep 2014

    AIIM Trendscape: The New Mobile Reality

    This AIIM Trendscape report has in-depth interviews of 50 senior end users and industry leaders, highlights expert recommendations to maximize mobile opportunities within the enterprise and offers a 7-point mobile action plan that organizations can execute in the next 12 months. Obtain access to data, expert opinions and a unique...

  • Sponsored By Cisco Systems // Sep 2014

    An Automated, Application-Aware Foundation for the Modern Enterprise

    Enterprises have seen massive change over the last decade, but one thing has remained consistent: the Enterprise Network. This article provides insight on an adaptable and programmable network platform to stay ahead of enterprise trends such as BYOD, Cloud Adoption and Xaas

  • Sponsored By Dell-Intel // Sep 2014

    Get Maximum Benefit from Windows Server 2012

    Microsoft Windows Server 2012 is poised to be the cornerstone of today’s more modern, scalable and functionally advanced IT environment. Getting the maximum benefit from the operating system starts with having a clear understanding of all the potential advantages Windows Server 2012 can provide. Download this CIO Guide to learn...

  • Sponsored By Dell-Intel // Sep 2014

    Scale Your Data Center - Right into the Cloud

    Ignoring the cloud is no longer an option. The potential benefits in agility and efficiency are simply too great. But turning your data center into a private cloud can be complex. Intel, Microsoft and Dell have found the solution to this major challenge. Download this report to learn how you...

  • Sponsored By Dell-Intel // Sep 2014

    6 Strategies for Gaining Cost-effective Efficiency with Private Clouds

    Organizations are transitioning to a private cloud to reduce costs, save time, and increase productivity, especially when the effort is coupled with a Business Service Management approach and highly efficient servers. This article reviews the challenges, approaches, and results associated with a move to a private cloud and suggests 6...

  • Sponsored By Dell-Intel // Sep 2014

    IDC Server Innovation for Enterprise Datacenters

    With IT environments growing in size, scale, and complexity, CIOs and IT managers are supporting mission-critical business processes with demanding service-level agreements (SLAs) for internal and external customers. This IDC research examines the primary benefits of working with vendors investing in solutions that can process, support, and manage mission-critical...