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  • Sponsored By Acquia // Apr 2014

    Liberate Your Commerce Platform without Selling the Family Farm

    This ebook offer a possible solution to businesses that already have made big investments in enterprise commerce platforms, but that also struggle to keep up with the quickly changing landscape of shopping experiences and business models. Drupal’s flexibility, scalability, and rapid deployment capability make it possible to build shiny...

  • Sponsored By Gigya Inc. // Apr 2014

    Navigating the New Identity Ecosystem: 3 Hurdles Facing Modern IT Professionals

    Consumer identity data is becoming increasingly unmanageable with the growth of big data and mobile, social and digital channels. Modern businesses need a better way to solve today’s identity and access management (IAM) problems that removes service maintenance and reliability burdens from IT’s shoulders. Take an in-depth look at 3...

  • Sponsored By Desktone // Apr 2014

    Mythbusting DaaS

    Desktops as a Service (DaaS) is the delivery of a virtual desktop offered as a hosted service by a service provider. DaaS has the potential to radically change the way desktops are purchased and managed. However, as is typical with such emerging, disruptive technologies, there is a good deal of...

  • Sponsored By Desktone // Apr 2014

    Top 5 Reasons to Deploy Desktops as a Service

    No, the personal computer isn't dead, but it looks a whole lot different than it did just a few years ago. Even though organizations need to upgrade or replace many of their client systems, those physical units increasingly are being replaced by virtual machines. Desktops as a service (DaaS) may...

  • Sponsored By Desktone // Apr 2014

    Using DaaS to Create the Ideal Desktop User Experience Without a PC

    With the ubiquity of end-user computing long established, organizations now are grappling with a tough dilemma: Users want enterprise-class performance and availability, but they demand the flexibility to use familiar devices and applications—anywhere, and at any time. Download this whitepaper to learn why Desktops as a service (DaaS) can be...

  • Sponsored By LogMeIn // Apr 2014

    Research Report - The New mCommerce Reality

    Smartphones and tablets have changed everything: the way we communicate, the way we meet, the way we get around, the way we shop and more. The connected, on-the-go customer has literally shifted the balance of power in our society. Mobile users have easy access to information, unlimited options, and the...

  • Sponsored By LogMeIn // Apr 2014

    How to Select the Right Remote Support Tool

    Today’s customer support and IT service organizations are charged with supporting ever-more complex environments that include multiple channels of communication to a seemingly limitless number of devices and systems—all while keeping support costs down. To meet these conflicting demands, service organizations are turning to remote support solutions. But as these...

  • Sponsored By LogMeIn // Apr 2014

    Live Chat Effectiveness - A 2013 Survey of Internet Shoppers

    The fifth annual study of frequent online shoppers points to five important conclusions for Internet retailers: It's a multichannel communication world Social media as a sales and support channel cannot be denied Ignore email at your peril Live chat remains strong and continues to have loyal fans Geography matters...

  • Sponsored By LogMeIn // Apr 2014

    Merchants Seek Mobile Mastery - A Task-Oriented Review of the Mobile Experience

    For the past 4 years, the e-tailing group has strived to be in the forefront of mobile by adapting their industry respected mystery shopping to the mobile channel. Objectives for the 2013 survey were to assess the year-over-year trends, highlight top mobile retailers and key in on best practices. Retailers...

  • Sponsored By LogMeIn // Apr 2014

    Aberdeen Group Report: Improving Engagement with Multi-Channel Service

    In Aberdeen's Trends in Customer Service 2012: Multi-Channel Edition (November 2012), only 39% of organizations reported that they had been able to drive improvements in customer satisfaction over the previous 12 months. An even lower percentage indicated success in enabling higher rates of loyalty and retention. This is not a...

  • Sponsored By ZDNet // Apr 2014

    Cloud Priorities 2014: Cloud strategies, priorities and implementation plans of North American IT leaders and professionals

    The ZDNet Cloud Priorities 2014 report, sponsored by Windstream, is a research study on cloud in North America and reports on the current and future adoption of the subject technology, the business objectives of adopters, and the experiences of those adopters. The report also covers current budgets and changes in...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2014

    IBM: The Evolution of Business Reliliency Management

    A white paper details IBM’s approach to planning, managing and executing business resilience and continuity across six defined layers of resilience. It also covers recent trends and best practices used in today’s evolving business resiliency management programs, as well as IBM’s portfolio of business continuity and resiliency services....

  • Sponsored By Vitria // Apr 2014

    Case Studies for Streaming Big Data Analytics and Real-Time Operational Intelligence

    Innovative companies are using streaming analytics to gain real-time Operational Intelligence that will help them improve business efficiencies, reduce costs, and identify new business opportunities. Download this research publication to learn, through a series of case studies, how supplementing existing Business Intelligence (BI) infrastructure with technologies that analyze streaming Big...

  • Sponsored By Vitria // Apr 2014

    The Essentials for a New Approach to Real-Time Business Activity Monitoring

    True business activity spans multiple applications, perhaps even multiple organizations. Very often, organizations do not have a clear understanding of the actual sequence of events that take place during the course of a complete business process. Through this detailed white paper, learn how innovative companies have used a new approach...

  • Sponsored By Citrix // Apr 2014

    Guidelines for deploying Citrix BYOD solutions

    Read this white paper to learn how Citrix can help you design, implement, deploy, maintain and support a BYOD infrastructure that will enable your environment for BYOD transformation and success.

  • Sponsored By Citrix // Apr 2014

    Mobile Application Management with XenMobile and the Worx App SDK

    Discover how Citrix XenMobile addresses the unique challenges posed by native mobile applications and enables IT to securely deliver them to any device.

  • Sponsored By Vitria // Apr 2014

    Survey Report: The State of Real - Time Big Data Analytics

    Read how your peers ranked the importance of Big Data Analytics capabilities, the need for real-time Big Data Analytics, the ability to act on both streaming and stored data, the benefits from Big Data Analytics, and their preparedness for such initiatives. As the speed of business accelerates, organizations must be...

  • Sponsored By Vitria // Apr 2014

    The Next Big Thing in Big Data: Streaming Analytics

    Big Data in the enterprise should not live in a vacuum. It materializes from dozens of databases, applications, and external sources. It has to be ingested, transformed, enriched, analyzed, and ultimately shared back with the people who will use it to make decisions and serve customers. Waiting a day, an...

  • Sponsored By Vitria // Apr 2014

    Architectural Best Practices for Streaming Big Data Analytics

    More and more companies today are deploying Business Intelligence (BI) tools for optimizing daily business operations. Standard BI methodologies, unfortunately, have not been able to support analyzing and acting on live, streaming data. This whitepaper explores the use cases for streaming analytics in the era of Big Data, examines the...

  • Sponsored By Citrix // Apr 2014

    Delivering enterprise information securely on Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows tablets and smartphones

    Android and iOS-based consumer devices including smartphones and tablets play an increasing role in enterprise computing, providing new flexibility and mobility for workers and IT—but creating new challenges around security. This paper describes these issues and explains how they can be addressed effectively with solutions from Citrix.