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  • Sponsored By EMC // Oct 2014

    The Information Dilemma

    Information accumulation stretches capacity to the breaking point, with higher costs for servers, storage, application maintenance, database software, and operations. Keeping all information in its source application is neither cost-effective nor scalable. And backup is only a temporary measure; difficult to access and not a compliant solution.

  • Sponsored By EMC // Oct 2014

    InfoArchive Case Study: BMO Harris Bank

    With EMC InfoArchive, BMO Harris Bank was able to quickly retire legacy applications and free up dollars for IT innovation. EMC InfoArchive enables quick data retirement, purge and retention policy implementation, and audit functionality.

  • Sponsored By EMC // Oct 2014

    Reinventing IT to support innovation

    Right now, in virtually every IT department in every sizable enterprise, executives are facing a seemingly impossible dilemma. It boils down to this: how can they stay ahead of constant business demands for usable, actionable information via more accessible cloud-based applications — yet with little or no budget growth?

  • Sponsored By EMC // Oct 2014

    Learn the four stages to operational excellence

    The key to effective management is having the right information at your disposal. It does little good to have an “as-designed” document in your hands when there’s a more accurate “as-built” document that you can’t locate. When information is missing mistakes are made.

  • Sponsored By McAfee // Oct 2014

    Narrowing the gap from encounter to containment with TIE

    McAfee® Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE) enables adaptive threat prevention by sharing relevant security data across endpoints, gateways, and other security products. Sharing of data allows these products to operate as one, exchanging and acting on collective threat intelligence, and as a result, narrowing the gap from encounter to containment from...

  • Sponsored By McAfee // Oct 2014

    The inefficiency of unintegrated security operations

    Unintegrated security operations remain reactive and complex, unautomated, and unoptimized. This inefficiency creates a high ongoing operational cost for security while leaving your data and networks exposed to determined attackers who will then have ample space and white noise in which to enter, hide, and persist within your organization. There...

  • Sponsored By EMC // Oct 2014

    Using Document Control to Keep Your Projects on Track

    In the past, collecting, distributing and tracking documents has been time consuming and inefficient process. Finding the right document for a transmittal can mean digging through hundreds of emails of untold numbers of shared files. Fortunately there is an easier way.

  • Sponsored By EMC // Oct 2014

    Managing Assets for Maximum Performance and Value

    State-of-the-art asset management is critical in industries such as oil and gas exploration and production, oil refining and gas processing, and utilities that rely heavily on expensive and aging physical assets. Among other benefits, effective asset management reduces costs and risks, improves process flows and business continuity, increases profit margins,...

  • Sponsored By EMC // Oct 2014

    Using Information Intelligence to Improve Projects in the Energy Sector

    In the energy industry, successful execution of projects in the design, construction, and operation of plants and facilities is dependent on more than ensuring that schedules and budgets are met. Management of the asset life cycle from planning all the way through to decommissioning requires systems and tools that support...

  • Sponsored By EMC // Oct 2014

    Learn how to make archiving an enterprise advantage

    Digital information is the lifeblood of the enterprise. Every day, business applications generate invoices, account statements, voice recordings and many other forms of information that must be preserved for business and regulatory purposes. More often than not, this information is inactive and stored in legacy applications that have been replaced...

  • Sponsored By EMC // Oct 2014

    Addressing key issues for managers of complex contracts in energy and engineering

    Contract and project management is a significant challenge in the energy and engineering industries. Supplier Exchange will allow participants to define workflows and collaboration methods that improve contract management by greatly reducing the time and cost to find and validate relevant information.

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    Sponsored By FireEye // Oct 2014

    Cybersecurity’s Maginot Line

    This report explains, to protect themselves effectively, organizations need to evolve their security architecture so they do not rely on malware signatures alone. Security teams must be able to see the alerts that matter. And they must complement those with rapid endpoint response expertise to confirm and contain attacks as...

  • Sponsored By FireEye // Oct 2014

    Mandiant 2014 Threat Report

    Cyber threat actors are expanding the uses of computer network exploitation to fulfil an array of objectives, from the economic to the political. Private organizations have increasingly become collateral damage in political conflicts. With no diplomatic solution in sight, the ability to detect and respond to attacks has never been...

  • Sponsored By FireEye // Oct 2014

    FireEye Advanced Threat Report

    The data contained in this report comes from the FireEye® Dynamic Threat Intelligence™ (DTI) cloud, which provides attack metrics shared by FireEye customers across the globe. It offers strong evidence that malware infections occur within enterprises at an alarming rate. It also shows that advanced attackers can penetrate legacy defences...

  • Sponsored By HP // Oct 2014

    Choosing Cloud Backup Services: a Guide for SMBs

    This whitepaper helps demystify how you can address your data protection needs in your small- to medium-sized business and select the best online backup service to meet your needs. Read more...

  • Sponsored By HP // Oct 2014

    Taneja Group - The HP Solution Backup Complexity And Scale

    In this report, we’ll examine first why HP StoreOnce and HP Data Protector products are truly game-changing on their own rights. Then, we will look at why they get even "better together” as a complete BURA solution that can be more flexibly deployed to meet backup challenges than any other...

  • Sponsored By HP // Oct 2014

    A Privacy Culture – The HP Approach 

    There is promise in how privacy processes can become part of the culture, instead of being an ad hoc and, too often, incomplete afterthought. This white paper is devoted to examining the culture of privacy at HP. Read more...

  • Sponsored By HP // Oct 2014

    Why Cloud Backup? Top 10 Reasons HP Autonomy Solutions

    Download this white paper to discover the top 10 reasons why organisations are turning to cloud server backup. Learn how you can reduce costs and free your IT staff to focus on more mission-critical projects.

  • Sponsored By HP // Oct 2014

    Fastest Disk Recovery

    With the only federated deduplication solution available today, HP StoreOnce Backup with StoreOnce Catalyst overcomes gaps, inefficiencies, and costs associated with fragmented, earlier-generation deduplication technologies. Add HP Storage Services to the mix to support your move to industry-leading backup speeds. Learn more...

  • Sponsored By HP // Oct 2014

    Get The Facts About SDN

    Debunk six myths standing in the way of network innovation. This report designed to provide the immediate insights you need to make the right decisions about some of the most important IT issues your enterprise will ever face. Learn more...