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  • Sponsored By NetApp // Nov 2014

    NetApp Delivers Efficiency at Scale

    This ESG report explores how NetApp Data ONTAP 8.2 QoS can help organisations create a highly efficient, flexible, and scalable data storage environment that supports a shared IT infrastructure foundation for non-disruptive operations, operational efficiency and on-demand IT services. Download this report and learn how to create dynamic, non-disruptive environment...

  • Sponsored By Cisco // Nov 2014

    Infographic - Accelerating 40G Adoption

    An Infographic from Cisco looking at accelerating 40G adoption. It explores the trends driving the 40G upgrades as well as what it means for you Data Center. Download this Infographic to learn more.

  • Sponsored By NetApp // Nov 2014

    Hybrid Cloud Requires a Transition from IT Service Builder to IT Service Broker

    According to a worldwide survey of IT executives, organisations are already deploying multiple Cloud models, and expect that more than half of all IT services at their organisations will be delivered via Cloud three years from now. Read the full report to learn more and begin preparing for a hybrid...

  • Sponsored By NetApp // Nov 2014

    NetApp for the Private Cloud: Enable the Delivery of ITaaS

    Cloud computing is increasingly being adopted as a way for IT organisations to decrease costs, improve efficiency, and enhance business agility. In a recent IDC survey of IT decision makers, 44% of respondents indicated that they were considering implementing a private cloud—a cloud deployment contained within the corporate firewall to...

  • Sponsored By NetApp // Nov 2014

    IDC: Storage User Demand Study on Adoption of Public Cloud and Other Third-Party Storage Services

    This report focuses on analysing current and future deployments of enterprise storage systems for particular data uses ranging from major enterprise applications to various segments of the IT infrastructure support to storage infrastructures within public cloud datacentres. Download this report and learn more insights on adoption of third-party storage services.

  • Sponsored By Nexsan by Imation // Nov 2014

    Reduce backup costs with high-density energy-smart storage

    Bottom line—your IT infrastructure simply has to work, despite constrained budgets and constant data growth. Fortunately, virtualization has driven sweeping change, making deployments simpler, more scalable and agile regardless of the data center’s size. Discover how best-of-breed storage solutions are maximizing the benefits of virtualization by creating quantifiable improvements in...

  • IBM

    Sponsored By IBM // Nov 2014

    Creating A Cloud Computing Strategy

    This paper provides context and guidance on how to create a proactive, effective approach to cloud computing, addressing ways to gain strategic advantage and how to be well prepared for the arrival of cloud computing. Read More..

  • IBM

    Sponsored By IBM // Nov 2014

    Infrastructure strategy and design services for cloud

    Cloud computing has evolved as a consumption and delivery model and is enabling businesses to reduce costs and improve service levels. This White Paper Identifies workloads best suited for cloud computing, enabling you to achieve optimum benefits from cloud computing investments. Read More..

  • EMC

    Sponsored By EMC // Nov 2014

    Big Picture Global Survey: Dual Perspectives on ITaaS [French]

    This global survey by IDG Research Services of more than 350 IT and business unit directors at enterprises of 1,000 employees or more reveals significant differences in the perception and priorities of business and IT when it comes to many aspects of running IT like a business. .Find out more...

  • EMC

    Sponsored By EMC // Nov 2014

    What CIOs Need to Know to Capitalize on Hybrid Cloud [French]

    Hybrid cloud brings together the best of both worlds by enabling businesses and their IT organizations unprecedented flexibility in where they host their many and varied workloads. It also increases business agility — the flexibility to use a variety of services, the scalability to keep pace with business volume, the...

  • Sponsored By Box // Nov 2014

    Infographic : Master Mobile by focusing on productivity

    What was once a novelty is now a business and competitive must-have. More enterprises are applying mobile to core processes, making customer support, sales operations and everyday tasks more effective. Learn more...

  • Sponsored By Polycom // Nov 2014

    Basic Components and Considerations for Deploying Video Conferencing Solutions

    Video Conferencing as a fundamental tool for businesses to enhance communication and collaboration between employees, partners and customers. With video conferencing becoming a core component of IT infrastructure that enables communication and collaboration, businesses are looking to providers of telephony, business applications and network infrastructure services to include this capability...

  • Sponsored By Dell // Nov 2014

    Dell Click Frenzy

    Dell Cyber Sale: Save Big Now on selected Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and all-in-one systems.

  • Sponsored By Symantec // Nov 2014

    5 Must Haves for Enterprise Mobility Management

    Organisations deploying enterprise mobility solutions can boost productivity but as the same time also bring threats to both data protection and end-user privacy. Organisations should have 5 key attributes in their mobility management solution to balance the performance and security. This on-demand webinar from Symantec addresses four broad themes that...

  • Sponsored By Kofax // Nov 2014

    Overcoming Challenges in Accounts Payable Automation

    Accounts payable automation presents unique challenges. It is characterized by large volumes of data, arriving in different formats and media that must be securely received, accurately interpreted and entered into financial systems.

  • Sponsored By Kofax // Nov 2014

    The Top Seven Reasons to Automate Accounts Payable

    The accounts payable (AP) process is difficult to tame, yet well worth the effort. The reasons for investing in accounts payable automation are compelling, and in this paper we will make them clear.

  • Sponsored By Kofax // Nov 2014

    Kofax TotalAgility Accounts Payable Automation

    In a single software solution, Kofax TotalAgility Accounts Payable Automation delivers the three capabilities that AP departments agree are critical to better performance. Download now and learn about the best practice AP Workflow and effective ERP integration.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Nov 2014

    IDC Report - Business Value of Managed Services

    Research shows that today's business goals are centered on reducing costs, strengthening customer relationships and improving financial management. The biggest challenges to achieving these goals are lack of skills and investment funds, and inadequate linkages between the IT environment and how business processes are managed. Read this IDC analyst...

  • Sponsored By FireEye // Nov 2014

    Definitive Guide to Defeating Your Cyber Enemies With Unified Advanced Threat Protection Defenses

    So, why are traditional security defenses so ineffective? And why does it seem like the bad guys always have the upper hand? Isn’t there anything else we can do to stop them? Thankfully, recent innovations in perimeter- and host-based advanced threat protection technology, combined with new network forensics capabilities, are...

  • Sponsored By FireEye // Nov 2014

    Cybersecurity’s Maginot Line: A real world assessment of the defense-in-depth model

    It doesn’t matter what types of firewall, intrusion prevention system (IPS), Web gateway, sandbox and endpoint systems make up organizations’ Maginot Line; attackers are circumventing them all. As this report explains, to protect themselves effectively, organizations need to evolve their security architecture so they do not rely on malware signatures...