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  • Sponsored By Telstra // May 2015

    Customer Centric Cloud- Hype or Hybrid?

    Cloud computing helps organisations to adopt a customer centric business model by enabling them to rapidly provision the new services demanded by their customers. It provides companies with unparalleled agility and flexibility – accelerating speed to value, making leading-edge technology affordable, and enabling business innovation across organisational.

  • Sponsored By Hitachi Data Systems // May 2015

    Enterprise NFS NAS for VMware: Ready for Now and the Future

    With virtual machine (VM) growth doubling every year, organizations find that existing hardware infrastructures are unable to keep up with the load. Read this whitepaper and learn more about the benefits of unified platform for deploying highly scalable VMware infrastructures.

  • Sponsored By Dell // May 2015

    Windows Server 2012: Security in the Enterprise

    The cloud, virtualization, and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) help make IT's life easier — and the whole organization more agile — but each of these features also presents serious security challenges. Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution to managing security in the enterprise 2.0 world, the enhanced security features and...

  • Sponsored By Dell // May 2015

    Windows Server Modernization: Risk Mitigation and Innovation for Future Preparedness Go Hand in Hand

    This IDC white paper considers the approaching end of extended support for Windows Server 2003 and explores Windows Server migration options, hardware/software replacements, and support services to help customers tackle a modernization effort. It also evaluates the benefits that customers may enjoy when they adopt more flexible and more dynamic...

  • Sponsored By Dell // May 2015

    Windows Server 2012 Are You Ready Technical Brief

    Microsoft is discontinuing support for Windows Server 2003 in July 2015, so now is the time to start planning your move and avoid possible server management, performance, security and compliance issues. This paper explores the new features and benefits of Windows Server 2012 R2, as well as key considerations for...

  • Sponsored By Dell // May 2015

    Partner with the leader in Windows Server 2003 migrations

    Support for Windows Server 2003 is almost over. Migrating servers and applications will take time and effort, and the time to start is now. Dell helps customers throughout the entire process, from on-site assessment, migration mapping, acquisition of new equipment, and hands-on support. This handy guide helps business decision-makers understand...

  • Sponsored By Dell // May 2015

    Mud, Desert, or Jungle...You’re Going to Need a Map

    This helpful brief uses the metaphor of an aviator flying over uncharted terrain with sputtering engines to illustrate that there’s no way to predict how a data center environment will run smoothly after support for Windows Server 2003 runs out. In both cases, careful planning is the only way to...

  • Sponsored By Dell // May 2015

    The End is Near: Support for Windows Server 2003 Approaches Deadline

    Microsoft will end support for Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015, yet a shocking 10 million servers are still running that operating system. If you don’t take action now, your company is at serious risk of security breach or infrastructure failure. This executive summary maps out the critical issues...

  • Sponsored By Dell // May 2015

    Transform to a future-ready IT with a modern server OS

    Migrating away from Windows Server 2003 isn’t just about avoiding risk; it brings tremendous opportunities for companies to modernize their infrastructure, leverage cloud technologies, lower costs, and improve operational efficiency. This compelling guide details the business benefits of Windows Server 2012 and outlines the comprehensive support and services available to...

  • Sponsored By Dell // May 2015

    Why a Server Infrastructure Refresh Now and Why Dell?

    With the growing demand for analytics, mobility, social, and cloud technologies, companies are realizing that legacy infrastructure simply isn’t up to the task of supporting a 21st century operation. Today’s servers increase your ability to deliver more flexible and efficient data centers, laying the groundwork for the move to virtualization...

  • Sponsored By Hitachi Data Systems // May 2015

    Hitachi NAS Platform: Enterprise-Level and Optimized for VMware Environments

    The trends are undeniable: Virtualization has become a pervasive IT deployment strategy. Enterprises are reaping enormous benefits from virtualized environments, from resource consolidation to reduced IT expenses, virtualization is enabling organizations to become more agile, efficient and competitive. Increasingly, organizations are looking to leverage existing IP (NAS) networks for...

  • Sponsored By Hitachi Data Systems // May 2015

    Designing Highly Scalable Storage for Dense Virtual Machine Environments Prepared

    This whitepaper discusses the testing methodology and scalability results for 4 & 8 node clustered Hitachi NAS Platform 4000 systems yielding 15,000 VMs in real-world enterprise environments. The test establishes linear performance scalability as nodes are added to the cluster, providing a solid platform for VMware vSphere-based environments.

  • Sponsored By Hitachi Data Systems // May 2015

    How to Build an Always-On Infrastructure

    Real-time customer expectations are driving the need for an always-on business environment. To keep pace with these demands, organisations need to deploy innovative, mobile solutions and manage explosive data growth, while also reducing risk and costs. To gain a competitive advantage, organisations need an always-on infrastructure that is future...

  • Sponsored By Hitachi Data Systems // May 2015

    The Top 7 Reasons to Choose Hitachi Storage Virtualisation

    Storage virtualisation is gaining ground throughout enterprise IT. But many organisations are failing to capitalise on its benefits. Even organisations that have implemented virtual storage have yet to do so to their full advantage. In this white paper, discover how you can get more from your virtual storage. Learn...

  • Sponsored By Hitachi Data Systems // May 2015

    Checklist for Database Environment Best Practices

    Today, businesses rely on data-hungry applications, like analytics, as part of their everyday operations. However, these applications can slow storage performance. How can you make sure your storage system can keep up with demanding database application? Read this helpful checklist in order to keep your storage system efficient and...

  • Sponsored By Hitachi Data Systems // May 2015

    Hitachi Data Systems Road to Map to Software-Defined Infrastructure

    Social and big data analytics, cloud and mobility offer you a competitive advantage. And a portfolio of infrastructure automation and virtualisation software as part of your software-defined infrastructure (SDI) solution empowers your mobile workforce with greater access to information. Learn more on how SDI can help you chart your course...

  • Sponsored By Intel Security // May 2015

    Three key ways to protect data at all levels

    The French Ministry of Education is France’s largest employer, overseeing 30 academies throughout the country. They chose McAfee Next Generation Firewall not only because it complies with regulatory guidelines but also because it protects their networks in all their different configurations. Download this case study and learn what other benefits...

  • Sponsored By Intel Security // May 2015

    The power of change

    RWTH Aachen is one of Europe’s most distinguished technological universities, with 7,500 employees and 40,000 students who rely on secure access to applications and data. Similar to other research-oriented institutions, they knew they were an attractive target for cyberattacks, so at the end of 2013, the university chose to renew...

  • Sponsored By ServiceNow // May 2015

    IDC ExpertROI SPOTLIGHT: Equinix Case Study

    The day-to-day benefits of cloud-based service automation are well-documented. But what can be harder to ascertain is the quantitative benefits, the money saved, and the impact on the company’s bottom line. IDC and Equinix teamed up to crystallize the benefits of true economic benefits of ServiceNow’s IT service automation. Download...

  • Sponsored By Cisco and Intel // May 2015

    5 Steps to Aligning IT to the Needs of Your Organization

    In the past, attempts to integrate data center infrastructure and applications have been manual, time-consuming, and expensive efforts. Fortunately, with the advent of cloud computing and hybrid IT, that situation is changing. IT can now be a catalyst for transformation: the enabler of innovation, new business models, and new revenue...