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  • Sponsored By EMC // Jul 2015

    Redefine Flash

    The speed and efficiency of flash have given rise to a new wave of apps and approaches that redefine what is possible in IT. But experiencing the full effect of this new technology depends on having the right architecture. With EMC’s flexible solutions, organizations of all sizes can harness the...

  • Sponsored By EMC // Jul 2015

    What does better storage performance mean for your business? – EMC XtremIO

    XtremIO develops enterprise data storage systems based completely on random access media such as flash solid state drives (SSDs). By leveraging the underlying abilities of random access media, XtremeIO delivers unparalleled levels of performance, ease of use, operational efficiency and other advanced storage features. Sub-millisecond response times at scale for...

  • Sponsored By Colt Software // Jul 2015

    The 8 Pillars Of Colocation

    The service provider takes on the responsibility for the maintenance and running of the server and operating system. .

  • Sponsored By Colt Software // Jul 2015

    Four Fources Of Data Centre

    The data centre is the fulcrum on which the technologydriven enterprise rests. Inefficiency in the data centre will fundamentally impact the effectiveness of social, mobility,cloud, and information implementations..

  • Sponsored By Colt Software // Jul 2015

    Tech Deficit Report Full

    Ignoring the tech deficit will result in painful and visible consequences to profitability, service delivery, competitive edge and customer satisfaction levels. The tech deficit has created an urgent need for a more evolved and flexible infrastructure, one designed to deliver business outcomes.

  • Sponsored By Colt Software // Jul 2015

    The Reality Of Carrier Neutrality

    Carrier neutrality is a commonly used term in the data centre industry. The relevance and importance of what carrier neutrality means for your business is often not explicitly shared and can be overlooked..

  • Sponsored By Globo // Jul 2015

    Transforming the Mobile Business

    Innovative mobile applications are transforming today’s enterprises as they evolve to adapt to a complex competitive landscape and a highly mobile workforce. Apps can streamline business processes, help drive innovation, reduce expenses and boost revenues, without costing the earth. Take a closer look at the facts and case studies outlined...

  • Sponsored By Solarwinds APAC // Jul 2015

    Network Performance Monitoring Tool from SolarWinds!

    Monitoring your network with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) will not only help you improve the performance of your network, but it can also have a direct impact on your organization’s bottom line. NPM will assist in: Simplifying detection, diagnosis, & resolution of network issues before outages occur Tracking response...

  • Sponsored By NetApp // Jul 2015

    Homebuilder Reduces Backup Work by 80%, Frees Up IT Staff with Cloud Solution

    Metricon lowered the cost and time spent protecting rapidly growing data while keeping backed-up information readily accessible with a hybrid cloud solution backed by NetApp AltaVault and Microsoft Azure.

  • Sponsored By NetApp // Jul 2015

    Hybrid Clouds: Deriving the Biggest Business Impact

    The steady growth of Hybrid Cloud signals the continued need by organizations for greater flexibility and agility while responding to changing business needs. Learn about best practices, business and IT considerations, and customer success stories for hybrid clouds.

  • Sponsored By NetApp // Jul 2015

    CIO Report: Hybrid Cloud Requires a Transition from IT Service Builder to IT Service Broker

    According to a worldwide survey of IT executives, their organizations are already deploying multiple cloud models, and they expect that more than half of their IT services will be delivered via the cloud three years from now.

  • Sponsored By NetApp // Jul 2015

    Enterprise Tech Report: Pick Your Cloud, Control Your Data

    Find out how new hybrid cloud architectures enable you to take advantage of public cloud resources from Amazon, Microsoft, and others while keeping your enterprise firmly in the driver‘s seat. You’ll learn how you can benefit from the elastic compute power of public clouds and still maintain control over your...

  • Sponsored By CommVault // Jul 2015

    10 Signs that you need to modernize your backup and recovery solution (German Asset)

    Your business cannot survive without data management and protection, but getting control of rapidly growing and increasingly distributed information silos is a huge challenge. Infrastructures are growing more complex, virtualization and cloud create more obscurity, and BYOD creates dozens if not hundreds of new endpoints to protect. Legacy backup methods...

  • Sponsored By CommVault // Jul 2015

    Virtual Server Protection: A Buyers Checklist (German Asset)

    When looking to maximize the value of your virtual infrastructure investment you need to achieve scalable virtual machine (VM) protection, automated VM lifecycle management and the ability to leverage any type of infrastructure for the most soft effective disaster recovery. To achieve these benefits while also supporting your future moves...

  • Sponsored By CommVault // Jul 2015

    5 Reasons your Storage Snapshots aren't working (German Asset)

    Snapshot-based data protection solutions were supposed to solve our backup challenges, weren't they? Then why are your backups still broken? If your snapshots are manually-managed or of the build-it-yourself variety, there may be several reasons that they aren't working very well. Learn more about the top reasons your snapshots are...

  • Sponsored By Globo // Jul 2015

    Mobile Apps, Addressing Application Development Challenges

    Many enterprises struggle to ensure successful implementation of their mobile app development plan. Gartner’s recent report “Four Key Areas to Ensure a Successful Mobile Application Plan, Van L. Baker, 29 January 2015”, based on their research, outlines key steps that an enterprise should follow on this topic. Download this must...

  • Sponsored By Microsoft // Jun 2015

    TechRoundup: Dynamic Solutions to Keep Customers Happy

    As the world grows smaller and more complicated, technology plays an important role and enables individuals to drive their vision while also helping organisations to manage their end-to-end business processes. Customer engagement is a hot subject and there are plenty of associated technology offerings out there. According to Forrester most...

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Jun 2015

    Five Dev/Test Constraints Impacting the Speed, Cost and Quality of Your Applications

    Identifying and weeding out constraints across the SDLC can often seem like a game of “whack a mole” - when you knock one out here, others pop up there, and they can be difficult to predict. In order to limit the effect constraints have on software development speed, quality and...

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Jun 2015

    DevOps Perspectives: IT luminaries discuss the major issues impacting DevOps today

    Industry leaders share insights on DevOps and big data, ITIL, testing and more. Once again, we have spent time talking to leading community figures such as Dave Farley (“Continuous Delivery” author) to discuss the major issues impacting DevOps today. This latest issue features comments from 10 experts and covers...

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Jun 2015

    DevOps: Enterprise Organizations Newest Best Practices

    The research shows DevOps delivers 18% faster time-to-market and 19% better app quality/performance. The application economy is motivating leaders to make critical changes across IT and the business, one of the most significant being the adoption of DevOps. For enterprise IT organizations who need to accelerate delivery of apps and...