Program codes with an AI bot on background.
Image: StackCommerce

Heard about ChatGPT? Of course you have. This AI platform has taken the world by storm since it was launched publicly last fall. If you want to understand the technology and deploy it successfully, the 2023 ChatGPT for Business Mastery Bundle is a great starting point.

Featuring seven in-depth courses, this learning library can save hundreds of hours of trial and error. The included content is worth $133, but you can pick up the bundle today for only $29.99 at TechRepublic Academy.

Businesses that properly harness AI technology are already gaining a head start on the competition.

This is in part because relatively few people know how to use it properly. While ChatGPT is fairly user-friendly, you still need a good understanding of the app to automate tasks effectively and extract useful outputs.

You could spend weeks putting in prompts, hoping for a good response. Or you could simply grab the 2023 ChatGPT for Business Mastery Bundle and become a genuine expert in around 19 hours.

The bundle covers several important topics. Through hands-on video lessons, you discover how to build an entire sales process using ChatGPT — from welcome emails to pixel-perfect presentations.

Other courses look at content creation for marketing, IT service automation and self-publishing on Amazon. You can even learn how to use ChatGPT to generate passive income.

All of the included courses come from top-rated instructors. For instance, LinCademy has helped over 100,000 students over the past three years, earning a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Udemy.

Order today for $29.99 to get lifetime on-demand access to all seven courses, normally priced at $133.

Prices and availability are subject to change.