7shifts Payroll fast facts

Starting price: $0.00/mo.

Key features:

  • Community chat features.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Not ideal for many locations.

If you’re running a small restaurant, 7shifts delivers affordable management and payroll software. The platform is geared toward helping you do more with less. Indeed, its beautifully-made staff scheduling tools are a boon for saving time.

Still, this restaurant management software has shortcomings. Growing businesses may balk at having to pay per location. And some attractions, like employee chat groups, can morph into liabilities.

Let’s unearth if 7shifts is right for your small business.

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7shifts Payroll’s pricing

7shifts is a budget-friendly solution. Its pricing is far lower than that of Restaurant365. And sure, its costs are on par with industry-agnostic tools like QuickBooks. But its restaurant-tailored design is arguably more valuable to a food service business.

PlanPrice per month, per locationEmployees includedIncludes labor law compliance guidanceAbility to edit time clock punches
Comp$0.00 (limited to one location)30NoNoView Plans
Entree$34.9930NoYesView Plans
The Works$76.99UnlimitedYesYesView Plans
Gourmet$150.00UnlimitedYesYesView Plans

Payroll offering

If you enjoy all-in-one convenience, then 7shifts’ payroll add-on is worth considering. As the name implies, you can automatically send staff timeclock data to payroll processing. No more manually inputting hours into third-party software to keep folks paid.

The add-on costs $39.99 per location plus $5 per staffer, monthly. This price point makes 7shifts payroll comparable to most competitors. But its chief advantage is its restaurant-specific perks. For example, it automatically splits out employee tips. It can also generate reports that compare payroll expenses to food costs, customer volume and other factors. These two bells and whistles make it easier and quicker to make executive decisions.

7shifts Payroll’s key features

The platform packs boatloads of functions into its competitive prices. Here are some of the top features included with this restaurant management software.

Recruiting platform included

7shifts includes employee recruiting functions on all plans. This perk is highly valuable because many competitors charge extra for these tools.

You can use the platform to publish job postings automatically, add custom screening questions and receive email notifications for new applications. Additionally, 7shifts organizes candidates by their application status and keeps their information, such as contact details and availability, in one place. These touches are on par with professional recruiting software, like ADP.

Built-in communication tools

The platform includes built-in communication tools like chat and all-hands announcements. No longer will you have to hang flyers in the break room. Instead, you can use the 7shifts Team Communication mobile app to send critical information to staffers. And if you like, you can get read receipts to keep people accountable.

You can still send traditional emails, texts and push notifications via the platform. But whichever way you chat, the software offers superior communication advantages over competitors.

Morale boosting perks

Restaurants and hospitality businesses have high turnover. That uncomfortable truth is why 7shifts’ morale-improving features are so valuable.

For starters, you can send anonymous surveys to staffers at any time. Plus, you can celebrate milestones, birthdays and work anniversaries on the platform.

And if you want more objective data, you can quickly uncover signs of low morale. For example, you can get a bird’s eye view on days with high no-shows, late arrivals, slow service or below-average survey responses. This information can help you improve work conditions precisely where they’re needed.

7shifts Payroll pros

The platform is a boon for tightly staffed restaurants watching every penny. Here are some chief benefits to 7shifts over competitors.

Streamlined scheduling

The primary advantage of 7shifts is its streamlined scheduling process. The platform includes lots of shortcuts to produce a weekly roster rapidly. For example, managers can point and click to move someone’s shift around instead of manually altering details. Previous weeks are easily duplicated, and you can write schedules even months in advance. There are lots of other highly convenient touches, too.

Overall, 7shifts offers one of the most impressive scheduling systems we’ve seen. So, if you’re tight on time, this platform is ideal.

Entire staff lifespan coverage

One top attraction of 7shifts is its tools for the entire employee lifecycle, from hiring to retention and everything in between. The platform includes recruiting tools that post to job boards automatically. Once someone’s hired, you can use the software for your own customized onboarding process. You can upload videos, create quizzes and get documents signed, among other functions.

After onboarding, day-to-day tools like scheduling and surveys come in handy for retaining people. Simply put, you can manage an employee’s entire professional lifespan without needing additional software. For comparison, many competitors will charge extra for each of these functions, or they’re not offered at all, necessitating third-party tools at significant cost.

7shifts Payroll cons

Sure, the platform is wonderfully crafted for restaurant needs. But it still has downsides. Let’s peek at some noteworthy cons of 7shifts.

Potential for poor behavior

The extensive communication tools provided by 7shifts are a double-edged sword. The ease of communication, especially through the in-app chat feature, can lead to informal or unprofessional exchanges among staff members. And the constant flow of messages and notifications can overwhelm employees, especially during their off-hours.

Additionally, there’s a risk of system abuse. The ability for employees to easily swap shifts, request time off instantly or communicate en masse can lead to situations where these features are overused or misused. Without constant oversight, chaos can ensue.

Per location pricing

Another notable downside of 7shifts is its pricing structure, particularly for larger organizations. The software operates on a per-location pricing model. As a result, these one-off charges can prove quite expensive for more extensive operations with multiple branches. And since restaurants already operate on razor-thin margins, this scheme could quickly erode profits.

If 7shifts Payroll isn’t ideal for you, check out these alternatives


Deputy is a popular alternative best known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features. Like 7shifts, the competitor excels in employee scheduling, time tracking and task management. But one key advantage is its robust time tracking system, which is particularly useful for restaurants laser-focused on labor expenses.

Additionally, Deputy offers strong integration capabilities with various payroll and HR systems. And much like 7shifts, the software stands out for its communication tools, allowing managers and employees to exchange information and feedback easily.

When I Work

When I Work is another strong competitor in the scheduling software space. It’s especially favored for its ease of use and mobile-friendly design, making it a good choice for businesses with a less tech-savvy workforce.

Unlike 7shifts, which is more hospitality-focused, When I Work offers broader applicability across various industries, making it a versatile choice. It includes hallmark perks like employee scheduling, time tracking and team messaging.

It doesn’t offer as many integrations with POS systems as 7shifts. But When I Work makes up for this shortcoming with its straightforward and intuitive interface. And in high-turnover industries like food service, this simplicity can help reduce onboarding time significantly.


HotSchedules is a well-established player in the restaurant and hospitality sectors. It offers comprehensive scheduling solutions, robust reporting tools and a range of integrations with other systems. One of the unique selling points of HotSchedules is its advanced forecasting capabilities.

This tool predicts staffing needs based on factors like sales data and historical trends. HotSchedules also strongly emphasizes legal compliance, helping businesses adhere to labor laws and regulations.

Review methodology

We carefully analyzed the suitability of 7 shifts for hospitality and restaurant businesses. We studied customer reviews, tools unique to the industry, ease of use, employee scheduling functions and other specific features. Finally, we compared the software platform to competitors and measured how much value users get for their money compared to alternates.

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