OnePlus 7T
Image: OnePlus

We’re back again. The holiday commercials are running nonstop, radio stations are playing all your favorite songs of merriment, and one or 12 channels is streaming A Christmas Story 24/7.

Ho. Ho. Ho.

If you’re shopping for a gift for an Android fan, where do you start? You start with this gift buyer’s guide.

Before downing another cup of eggnog, let’s get to the gifts. This article is also available as a download, Android gift guide: The best gifts in 2019 (free PDF).

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A brand new phone

Why not go big? Santa Claus big. Every Android user loves the idea of getting a new device. So this time, get your favorite Google fan what might well be one of the two best Android devices on the market: The Samsung Galaxy S10 or the OnePlus 7T. Which one, you ask, is best for your loved one or friend?

  • Samsung Galaxy S10: If they want what may be the best display on the market, an outstanding camera, and blazing fast performance. Cost: $789.
  • OnePlus 7T: If a flagship phone at a non-flagship phone price) with near Galaxy S10 performance, minus wireless charging and average battery life, fits the bill. Cost: $599.

Either one of these phones will please your Android buddy, but if you want that smile to linger into the New Year, the Galaxy S10 is the way to go.

A wireless charger

If your recipient has a phone that supports wireless charging and they don’t yet have a wireless charger (or could use a second), this is a great buy. Why? Because wireless charging is fast and convenient. Any super busy professional would be more than thrilled to add a bit of convenience to their world. But which one to get? There’s one company that never fails to disappoint in this arena and that’s Anker. Anker’s PowerWave 10 Stand is elegant, highly functional, and comes in at a moderate price point at just $49.99.

A drone

They may seem a bit five years ago, but most Android geeks secretly want a drone. Why not go with the DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone? It’s smaller than the average drone (so it’s packable), still offers a great camera for filming, and works well with Android. I highly recommend you spring for the propeller bumpers so the delicate propellers aren’t snapped as those learning to fly the drone crash and crash and crash. While you’re at it, spring for the remote, so those crashes aren’t quite as often. The cost for the Spark alone is under $400.

A password manager

This might sound like the lamest gift ever, but consider buying your friend or loved one a license for a password manager. Make sure you purchase one that includes a mobile app (supported by Android, of course) such as Enpass or 1Password. Whatever password manager you purchase for them needs to have a cloud sync option, so they’ll have access to their passwords while on the go.

A camera lens

If your loved one or friend fancies themself a photographer or videographer, why not get them a special kind of lens for their Android phone. One that should be considered tops on the list is the Moment Anamorphic Lens. This lens does require the purchasing of a Moment case and doesn’t work with every Android device, but for those lucky enough to have a supported phone, they’ll get the organic look and character of 2.40:1 Cinemascope and the same glass used for high-end 4K lenses. The lens will set you back $149.99 and the case costs anywhere from $16-$50.


I’m going to double-dip here. The HELM True Wireless Headphones are also on my mobility gift guide, but they’re so good they deserve to be on both. Why are they so good? HELM won CES Innovation awards for its entire product line. Second, because a $99.00 pair of Bluetooth headphones shouldn’t sound this good or be this simple to use. That’s why this pair of earbuds belong on multiple lists. If your loved one or friend is looking for an outstanding value to sound ratio, you cannot go wrong with these HELM headphones.

A car charger

How many times have you ridden with your friend or loved one and more than one person needed to charge their phone in the car? When that happens, you’ll be glad you bought them the Jelly Comb 65W/13A 6 Ports Rapid USB Multi-Port Car Charger. With six ports for charging, no one will be left out. Price: $15.99.

A Google Play gift card

Why not give them the gift of apps, movies, or music. A Google Play gift card can be used for any item in the Google Play Store. That means you could buy them exactly the game or music they want, without having to dig around for hints. You can buy gift cards from Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and other retailers.

A carrying case

If you have someone who lives life in the outdoors or travels a lot, consider a carrying case to hold their phone and accessories. One of the finest you can buy is the Otterbox Drybox. This case is waterproof up to 90 feet and has internal dimensions of 6.89″ L x 3.70″ D x 2.01″ T, so it’s not so big as to be cumbersome, but not so small it won’t hold plenty of goods. Price: $39.99-$49.99

A projector

Every so often you just want to project a movie or presentation without having to jump through too many hoops—that’s where a device like the Anker Nebula Capsule comes in handy. This pocket-sized projector offers a great image, 360-degree audio, four hours play time, and a dedicated Android app. This device costs $299. For anyone wanting a mobile projector in their backpack, this could be the one.

And there you go, plenty of gifts sure to make your Android lover happy.