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If you were to survey 1,000 people about the skills listed on their resumes, you could make a safe bet that Microsoft Office would be on the vast majority of them. Microsoft Office software is practically ubiquitous in the modern business world, and virtually everyone has at least seen it.

But how well do you actually know it? Advanced users can do some extraordinary things, so if you’re feeling a little out of the loop with the rest of the people on your team, it’s time to do something. You can learn how to use Microsoft Office like a professional in The 2022 Premium Microsoft Office Training Certification Bundle.

In the bundle, you’ll become familiar with popular programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams, but there is also instruction on some of the more niche Microsoft Office products. You’ll learn how to more effectively take notes using OneNote, how to create and manage databases using Access, create design elements with Publisher and manage documents with SharePoint. You’ll also discover how to better leverage Excel by using Microsoft SQL Server and Power BI for business insights and to just generally understand how Office apps work together to make projects more efficient.

It’s about time you learned Microsoft Office. For a limited time, you can get all 11 courses in The 2022 Premium Microsoft Office Training Certification Bundle for just $29.99. That’s less than $3 per course.

Prices and availability are subject to change.