• Best for advanced high-performance processes: Performio
  • Best for global businesses: Tipalti
  • Best for customized enterprise level: Blitz
  • Best for integrations and specific features: QCommission
  • Best for enterprise incentive compensation management: Xactly
  • Best for real estate: Brokermint

Payroll, finance and human resource management platforms are trending as companies from every sector digitally transform and become data-driven. But for industries like sales, insurance, real estate and finance, which work with commissions and performance-based compensation payouts can be more complex: Enter commission tracking software.

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Feature comparison table

Commission managementAuditComplianceCloud and desktopMobileTrainingCustomer supportStarting price
PerformioYesYesYesCloudYesIn-person live online webinars, documents, videosMulti channel and 24/7Contact sales
TipaltiYes/No commission calculatorYesYesCloud and desktopYesIn-person live online webinars, documentsMulti channel and 24/7$149 per month
BlitzYesYesYesCloudNoLive online webinarsChatContact sales
Q CommissionYesYesYesCloud and desktopNoLive online webinars, documents, videosMulti channel and 24/7$15 per month
XactlyYesYesNoCloudYesIn-person live online webinars, documents, videosMulti channel and 24/7Contact sales
BrokermintYes/No commission schedulingNoYesCloudYesLive online webinars, documents, videosMulti channel$99 per month

Top commission tracking software for 2023

In response to the demand for the modernization of commission tracking, leading software specializing in this area can automate, calculate and track sales and employee and contractor performance. From Perfomio to Tipalti to Blitz, Qcommission and more, the best commission tracking software hasn’t only replaced time-consuming manual processes with smart automation but includes features that can help workers and improve company performance. Here are the top six commission tracking software vendors for 2023.

Performio: Best for advanced high-performance processes

The Performio logo.
Image: Performio

Performio, with headquarters in California and offices in San Francisco and Melbourne, is one of the most popular and respected commission tracking software companies.

The company’s strengths are its high-tech features and ability to manage advanced processes. Unlike other vendors, Performio doesn’t focus on providing solutions to one specific industry. Performio allows companies to automate commissions, run incentive and compliance programs and hit new markets with new products. Companies like Vodafone, Simpli.fi, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson trust Performio for its commission tracking.

Performio Dashboard.
Performio Dashboard. Source Performio.


  • Scalability: Can run anything from hundreds of monthly transactions to millions every day. Includes ASC 606 reporting, multi currency and retroactivity.
  • Automation: Automates sales commission calculations, communicates with sales instantly and creates automated reports for data-driven decision making. Automates most of the processes with high-performing technology.
  • Multiple industries: The platform can be used by diverse industries, including cybersecurity, financial services, manufacturing, IT services, marketing and advertising, media and telecommunications, medical and pharmaceuticals and more.
  • Incentive program: Provides users with powerful incentive compensation management software.
  • Compliance and audit: Users can build and calculate compliance plans, run audit and compliance and use prebuilt plan components.
  • Sales processes: Automates sales compensation processes and commission calculations and prevents overpayments. Includes data integrations, agency commission, audit management, commission scheduling, compliance management and different types of commissions.


  • Visibility and performance: Advanced data-driven visibility under centralized dashboards.
  • Reporting: Automates reporting and offers commission forecasting tools, allowing companies to set goals and targets and track performance.
  • Support: Offers 24/7 live support via chat and multi-channel support.


  • Ease of use only for advanced users. Requires advanced technical knowledge.
  • Deployment may be time consuming.
  • Pricing is only available upon request.


  • Performio removed all pricing information from their online site and, by 2023, only offers pricing upon request.

Tipalti: Best for global businesses

The Tipalti logo.
Image: Tipalti

Tipalti is a holistic finance automation solution. Its features go well beyond commission tracking with a strong focus on managing international teams for global companies. Tipalti claims that it can automate by 80%, increase finance speed by 25% and reduce payment errors by 66%.

The platform is an end-to-end, invoice-based payment system designed for growing companies. It includes supplier management, invoice management, purchase and order matching, global payouts and remittances, purchase order management and a centralized dashboard for corporate visibility.

Tipalti Payment dashboard.
Tipalti Payment dashboard. Source Tipalti.


  • Holistic finance automation: The platform design is a multi entity architecture concept that allows financial controls, payment API and secure cloud services.
  • Integrations: Integrates with Oracle NetSuite, Sage Intacct, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage Accounting, Xero Accounting, customized APIs and performance marketing.
  • Global payment platform: Provides end-to-end, invoice-based payments designed for growing companies. Offers multi currency support.
  • Compliance: Tax and VAT compliance.
  • Commission tracking features: Supports all commission tracking software and offers advanced features such as agency commission, audit management, commission calculator and scheduling, compliance management and flat, percentage, sliding scale, split and tiered commissions.


  • Support and training: Excellent 24/7 multi channel support and training, which includes in-person, virtual, webinars and extensive resources.
  • Accounting support: Provides extensive accounting support.
  • Compliance and tax: Offers compliance and tax management, compliance tracking, corporate banking, risk management, fraud detection, and invoicing and transaction monitoring.


  • Doesn’t offer a commission calculator, but you can integrate one through third-party solutions.
  • Duplicate detection based on ID and email, leading to errors.


  • Pricing starts at $149 per month for the platform fee. As a business scales up, management can upgrade to Tipalti’s more advanced capabilities anytime.

Blitz: Best for customized enterprise level

The Blitz logo.
Image: Blitz

Blitz is a flexible and highly customizable platform designed to support innovation and modernization efforts. The solution leverages automation and focuses on error reduction and cost savings. Additionally, Blitz provides features to incentive sales teams and drive enterprise performance.

With Blitz, companies can deploy personalized strategies and automate commission calculation processes to make sales teams, departments and managers much more efficient. Organizations can set goals and help teams achieve them with data-driven visibility and performance commissions. In 2022, Blitz was recognized by Gartner for a second consecutive year as a Representative Vendor in its “Market Guide for Sales Performance Management” 2022 report.

Blitz dashboard.
Blitz dashboard. Source Blitz.


  • Commission management: Fully automated commission management in a single platform. From calculations to tracking and visualization features.
  • Data analytics: Real-time reports and analytics.
  • Business model: Delivered as a Software as a Service, offers two modules: Incentive Management and Incentive Tracking.
  • Accessibility and ease of use: Uses low code throughout the platform and employs a natural language processing rule engine, allowing for greater ease of use.
  • Integrations: Out-of-the-box integrations supported best-of-breed enterprise-level tools, such as QuickBooks Online, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, HubSpot and others.
  • Customization: Companies can set up, adjust and design customized commission and bonus plans in real time.


  • Dashboards and reports: Facilitate strategic decision making through detailed reports and real-time data.
  • Multi-industry approach: Main end users belong to real estate, insurance, finance and retail.
  • Expert assessment and cost savings: Offers assessment to pinpoint areas for improvement and streamline processes to save time and money.


  • Doesn’t offer desktop or mobile. Only cloud platform available.
  • Only offers chat support.
  • Training is limited.


  • Companies interested in Blitz must request personalized quotes, which will vary depending on the number of employees who receive commission payments and bonuses.

QCommission: Best for integrations and specific features

The QCommission logo.
Image: QCommission

If you are looking for a commission tracking platform to integrate your finance systems and access a wide range of specialized features, QCommission is the place to go.

Created by CellarStone, Inc., a company founded in 2000, QCommission has been striving to keep up with cutting-edge software. QCommission supports over 40 existing direct integrations. It also automates sales commissions and works as a stand-alone product.

QCommission distribution statement.
QCommission distribution statement. Source QCommission.


  • Reports: QCommission currently has at least 150 available reports and analytics for its users.
  • Commission processing: Extensive features that allow monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual commission processing. Commissions can be processed weekly, biweekly, twice a month, or customized.
  • Provides a wide array of features: These include a calendar for scheduling, payout diversity support, customer and payee management and visualization and more.
  • Security and compliance: QCommission complies with GDPR, ASC 606, ISO, SOC 1 and SOC 2.
  • Commission and bonus calculations: Enables companies to run variable payouts that can be calculated by the system. Calculations can include commissions, bonuses, referrals and royalties.


  • Advanced software: Specialized and advanced software that can perform complex processes through many features.
  • Analytics: Allows companies to visualize data and create reports, including models and forecasting.
  • Security and auditing: The software allows companies to introduce an automated process for defining and compensation that provides full auditing to meet U.S. federal regulations.


  • Requires advanced accounting, finance and computing skills.
  • Overabundance of tools.
  • Deployment and visibility can be tricky for newcomers.


  • QCommission starts at $15 per month and is one of the most affordable commission software on the market.

Xactly: Best for enterprise incentive compensation management

The Xactly logo.
Image: Xactly

Xactly provides different solutions for market planning, revenue performance, pipeline management and more. Those strictly looking for commission tracking software might be overwhelmed by the components the company offers. However, enterprises that require advanced technology can benefit from Xactly´s portfolio.

From sales planning to execution, compensation and optimization, Xactly allows companies to create optimal sales resource and capacity plans, design the right compensation and incentive plans and accelerate the attainment and optimization of sales performance.

Xactly Dashboard.
Xactly Dashboard. Source Xactly.


  • Provides software for different needs: These include incentive compensation management software, commission expense software, and compliance automation and employee performance management software.
  • Compensation management: Automates and streamlines compensation management processes. Keeps sales representatives motivated with incentive programs.
  • Compliance: Aligns seller behavior to company objectives. Ensures end-to-end compliance with revenue recognition standards.
  • Customization: Through compensation plan configuration features, organizations can create and manage any type of compensation plan and gain ultimate flexibility by building and reusing robust elements like rules, quotas and rate tables.
  • Reporting and dashboards: Provides out-of-the-box and custom reports, as well as personalized dashboards to track sales and compensation plan performance using key data such as commission, bonus and payment information.


  • Centralized platform: Companies can manage all bonus information with the employee performance management software.
  • Data accessibility: Organizations can access real-time updates and eliminate the need to track multiple spreadsheets.
  • Report library: Provides a report library for holistic views of the complete commission lifecycle.
  • Integration: Integrates with existing infrastructure, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource Information System (HRIS), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) systems.


  • The platform can be challenging to manage by inexperienced users.
  • Reports can be hard to read if not properly customized.
  • Only offers the platform on the cloud, with no desktop or mobile solution.


  • Pricing varies depending on the component or product purchased and is only available upon request.

Brokermint: Best for real estate

The Brokermint logo.
Image: Brokermint

While Brokermint is strictly focused on real estate commission tracking and related sectors, it deserves special mention for providing innovative technology that’s extremely easy to use. The platform simplifies commission tracking and enables users with robust features and automation.

Used by real estate brokers, agencies and teams, real estate office managers and transaction coordinators, Brokermint is a cloud solution used by over 1,500 brokerages and 65,000 agents, processing over 400,000 transactions annually.

Brokermint dashboard.
Brokermint dashboard. Source Brokermint.


  • Comprehensive platform: The company goes beyond commission tracking and offers features for transaction management, accounting, agent management and reports and analytics.
  • Centralized dashboards: All-in-one system to automate, manage and provide visibility into every transaction. Everything is mapped and monitored in one central hub automatically.
  • Paperless features: Provides esignature and state forms to speed up paperless forms, collect signatures and document every step.
  • Commission automation: Eliminate errors, save time and incentivize sales teams.
  • Calculations: Real-time calculations and clear commission breakdowns for every transaction and team member.


  • Agent management and onboarding: Full cycle for teams, from onboarding to top-producer states.
  • Agent profiles: Provides companies with personalized performance profiles, including calendars, commission plans and transactions.
  • Sales performance and incentive management: Companies can set goals, create competitions and track agent performance.
  • Ease of use: User-centered platform with high levels of accessibility even for those who aren’t technically trained.


  • Focuses only on real estate.
  • Provides no desktop option, only cloud and mobile.
  • Basic plans have limited features.


  • Offers three plans starting at $99 per month for the Simple Start plan, $169 a month for the Standard plan and $239 for the Enterprise plan.

How to choose the right commission tracking software

To choose the right commission tracking software, companies must respond to several questions. Do you operate nationally or internationally? Is your team highly trained in technology and accounting software? Do you want to integrate software you already use, or are you looking for a full migration? What industry do you operate in? The answers to these questions will help you decide which vendor to choose when it comes to commission tracking software.


This review is based on my personal experience with HR, payroll and IT software. Additionally, it includes information and user reviews from aggregated review sources.

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