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According to Kaspersky, the majority of traditional MSPs, 81%, reported having a bigger client base in 2021 compared to 2019. This growth is attributed to businesses looking to MSPs for help in navigating IT issues due to the changes brought forth by COVID-19.

This growth underlines the challenges faced by MSPs day in and day out. Not only do MSPs need to shift to meet the evolving needs of their customers, but they need to do so while delivering a seamless and reliable customer experience.

Unfortunately, these challenges were intensified by the pandemic. According to a survey by Channel Futures, MSPs fear that supply chain issues will continue to prevent them from obtaining the critical hardware they need to provide networking services. In addition, MSPs are struggling to find top talent and retain their employees.

How can you as an MSP face these challenges and continue to provide the critical service businesses need for the push toward digital transformation? By applying best practices to your processes. TechRepublic Premium’s MSP Best Practices series, developed by long-time contributor Erik Eckel, is a perfect place to start.

MSP Best Practices: Server Deployment Checklist

Server deployments are one of the most important tasks MSPs must complete. However, this means they’re often the most critical tasks when it comes to client relationships. Server deployment projects present many dangers — errors or simple oversight can prove frustrating and disruptive for customers.

To avoid missing critical steps or components in the deployment process, use our Server Deployment Checklist. This template can be easily customized to match the requirements of any server deployment project, so you can guarantee the best outcome for you and your customers.

MSP Best Practices: PC Deployment Checklist

Like server deployments, PC deployments are common tasks you must complete on behalf of your customers. However, PC deployments are intricate and require that you and your team follow specific steps for a successful setup. You’ll need to install business apps, migrate local data and so much more.

While you and your team might be able to deploy a single PC in your sleep, large deployments can quickly become overwhelming. Our PC Deployment Checklist can help you ensure you don’t miss critical steps that can result in frustrating downtime for your customers.

MSP Best Practices: Network Switch and Router Deployment Checklist

Network switches have become complex. And routers power an increasing number of filters and services for your customers. It’s now easier than ever to forget a critical configuration step, resulting in subpar connection and costly business downtime.

You can avoid common network switch and router deployment errors by developing a checklist for every deployment. Luckily, TechRepublic Premium has already created a sample checklist for you. Simply tailor it to fit your needs to ensure your network switch and router deployment process is successful.

MSP Best Practices: PC Maintenance Checklist

Mitigating PC failures before they occur requires preventive maintenance. For your customers, preventive maintenance helps avoid downtime and the cost of troubleshooting. And for you, it helps your team provide excellent service to your customers.

However, preventive maintenance must be performed regularly to make a true difference. And with so many PCs to keep track of and the sheer number of steps involved, maintenance can quickly become overwhelming. Our PC Maintenance Checklist outlines all the necessary steps you must take to prevent small issues from becoming big headaches in the future.

MSP Best Practices: Network Switch and Router Maintenance Checklist

Switches and routers complete multiple complex functions in your customers’ networks. And while ensuring these components are properly configured and implemented from the get-go is important, regularly reviewing and updating them can’t be forgotten.

Tasks such as creating new backups and auditing the security of switches and routers are integral to the safety and security of business networks. And these tasks must be completed periodically over time for the best results. Our Network Switch and Router Maintenance Checklist outlines the steps you must take to properly maintain your customers’ critical infrastructures.

MSP Best Practices: Server Maintenance Checklist

Servers are complex components within any network, presenting many opportunities for error during routine maintenance. Each step must follow a cadence in order to avoid unplanned downtime and lost data. Yet with so many log files for each server, maintenance is often challenging for even the most seasoned technician.

TechRepublic Premium’s Server Maintenance Checklist provides you and your team with an in-depth guide to performing server maintenance for networks both big and small. Our guide will ensure you don’t miss an important step in the process.