Have you ever had to change the name of a server that has SQL Server installed on it? If you anwered yes, did you know that you also have to change the name in SQL Server? Here are the steps to perform the change.

1. Open SQL Server Management Studio and click New Query.

2. Type Select @@ServerName to verify that the server name is correct or incorrect. In this example, I changed the Windows 2003 from WIN2K3R2EE to SQL Server. I did not change the name in SQL Server 2005. It will still return the old name. Let’s fix it.

3. Next, type sp_dropserver ‘WIN2K3R2EE’

4. You are now ready to add the correct name by typing sp_addserver ‘SQLSERVER’. local

5. Restart sql server and the sql server agent by opening a command prompt and typing net stop mssqlserver and net start msssqlserver. To stop and start the sql server agent, type net stop or start sqlserveragent.

6. Click New Query in SQL Server Management Studio and type select @@servername to verify everything is correct and you have successfully changed the sql server name.