Cisco Live 2018: How Cisco is working with Google Cloud

The Cisco Container Platform launched earlier this year as an on-premise Kubernetes Engine capability as part of Google Cloud, and additional innovations are in the works.

Cisco Live 2018: How Cisco is working with Google Cloud

Kip Compton, Cisco's senior vice president of cloud platform and solutions organization sat down with TechRepublic's Senior Writer Teena Maddox at Cisco Live 2018 in Orlando, FL to discuss the company's most recent ventures including work with Google Cloud. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

Kip Compton: We're really excited here at Cisco Live to be providing everyone an update on the solution that we've been developing with Google. We announced it last October. We've been busy releasing products that are really part of the solution in building towards launching the solution later this year. In January, we launched the Cisco Container Platform, which is On Prem Kubernetes capability. We worked very closely with Google and the Google Kubernetes team to ensure that it provides a consistent On Prem environment that matches the Google Cloud Environment.

Just last month we announced Kubernetes and container support for AP-D, which is our application, our performance analytics program. As well as Cisco Cloud Center, which is our multi-cloud management platform. So really putting the pieces in place and it was great to participate this morning on a panel with our partner WWT and talk a little bit about their experiences with the early access program of the solution which has been going on for a few months now. We also had Nan Bowden from Google there and it was fantastic to hear her perspectives on how open source and other technologies from Google as well as their focus on developers and their world class Google Cloud infrastructure and services are contributing to the solution. So we're excited to be providing an update here at Cisco Live and can't wait to make the solution available later this year.

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The solution that Google and Cisco developed are being used in few different ways. We're really seeing a few key hybrid use cases emerge. One is customers who want to run things in Google Cloud but need to access capabilities that they have on prem. You know really stretching an application, building new software, new experiences in the cloud and accessing on prem systems like ERP. Another use case that we're seeing is sort of the opposite of that. People are wanting to develop things on prem but being able to take advantages of some services in the cloud. And then the third sort of pattern or use case that we're seeing develop is people who are really looking to be able to move workloads back and forth between Google Cloud and on prem or just place part of the workload in each environment and have it work together. All three of those use cases are supported by the solution.

We're just really excited about this. It's a key part of our multi-cloud strategy, and the feedback we've been getting from customers and partners and in part of the EAP has made us even more confident that we're on the right track. We think for enterprises who are looking to take advantage of open source and cloud native technologies that it's going to be a fantastic solution that really enables them to take the innovation that's happening in that open source ecosystem and bring it into an enterprise context with the security, the networking, the support that they need to really run a business on top of it.

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