If your small business is looking for an eye-catching and easy to comprehend way to teach, inform, and inspire others about its products and services, infographics might be a good solution. Infographics can be more effective and memorable than other ways to present data, making them particularly effective for online audiences.

To create an infographic, you should make a list of possible ideas that you want to get across, create the initial draft or skeleton, color scheme it, and research your content from authoritative sites. Then it’s time to select your design platform. Read about three online tools that can help you create stunning infographics.


The process of creating an infographic can be long and frustrating – you have to manage data, create a layout, test the design, and get sign-off before it goes live. The free tool infogr.am can help you simplify this process. With infogr.am, all you need to know is the data you would like to include in the infographic. From there, the WYSIWYG editor helps you pick out the theme and add the necessary key points to complete your infographic.


How about being able to create and share your visual ideas online using a drag and drop platform? easel.ly, a free theme-based web app for creating data visualizations and infographics, gives you that kind of a tool to help bring your ideas into reality. You just drag a theme onto your canvas, add new art elements, edit, change, and customize these objects right on the canvas, and then save the infographic and share it online.

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Piktochart includes a powerful editor, a collection of over 50 professional design themes, and an easy to use drag and drop functionality that helps you create an infographic in three simple steps. The tool offers a high level of flexibility that includes text boxes, customizable colors and fonts, and the ability to export these presentations as images to be used on your website or Facebook page.

Piktochart is a free tool for casual users, $29 per month for professional users, and $199 for annual pro users.

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Which tools do you find most useful for creating infographics? Let us know in the discussion.