D-Link ramps up enterprise offerings with Nuclias Connect

At CES 2020, D-Link announced a solution to to Wi-Fi problems that plague small and midsize businesses.

D-Link ramps up enterprise offerings with Nuclias Connect

TechRepublic's Karen Roby is at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. She spoke with Shane Remer of D-Link about D-Link's new product Nuclias Connect. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation. 

Shane Remer: Right now a lot of small businesses, they're either using a mesh network or they're having to pay for a very complicated server access point setup. Nuclias Connect is more of a simplified remote management or centralized management system. With this connect up here, users can connect as many access points to it and manage it all from the hub itself. They can connect up to 1,000 access points (APs) that way. They can also use a computer or a PC to install free software on and manage their APs through a wireless network as well. It goes up to 16 SSIDs so they can differentiate the difference between a Wi-Fi network for their employees, for guests, for HR, any other parts of the company that they have, and it allows more customization with that.

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Karen Roby: A lot of times, small businesses don't have an IT staff or hardly IT at all. How easy is it to work with? They don't want to go to the cloud--they want to use this. How easy is it for them?

Shane Remer: They're going to need to know a little bit about how to manage a Wi-Fi network, all the settings that come on the business side. In terms of setting it up, it should be relatively easy. The software you can install on a computer or you can buy, but a lot of the software is already on there. It's the same no matter which one you use. From there, it's pretty much a plug-and-play solution, where they plug in the access points, they power them up, and then they kind of go and configure the settings.

Karen Roby: When it comes to small businesses that don't have huge IT budgets or departments, is there a lot in this realm that is an option for them, or is it really just cloud or something like this?

Shane Remer: We also have a cloud-managed network solution. We have switches and APs that come with the standard and more traditional networks that people are familiar with. Something like this may be better for a small business that's just looking to keep the network management on-premise, keep it private, and set up the way they want to, but also still get that customization that they need without spending a lot of money on the server or paying for professional IT staff that they have in-house, especially when they only have four to 10 employees. So this is probably a better deal for something like them.

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