SecurityeEye Digital Security has just announced its first hardware appliance. Housed in a rack-mountable unit, the device houses several of eEye’s software applications, including a security management console.

Known as the REM Security Management Appliance 1505, it is able to scan the network for both known or unauthorized devices, automatically identifying missing patches, mis-configurations and other general bad behaviors. Devices can include servers, desktops as well as switches and routers.

At the heart of the appliance hums an embedded version of Windows 2003 Server as well as MS SQL Server 2005 workgroup embedded.

According to Morey Haber, eEye’s vice president:

The main reason eEye decided to offer the appliance is to ease the setup and configuration time, which woudl typically run between one to four hours to load and configure the software versions of eEye prodocts on a server

Should any Microsoft patches be deemed necessary at any stage, eEye will push it out to the device without the need for user intervention.

The 1505 is based on an Intel Xeon Dual-core running at 2.0Ghz and can scan as many as 15,000 managed devices.

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