If you are new to the IT profession and do not know it yet – shipment of laptops has already surpassed that of the traditional desktop over a year ago.

It is therefore interesting to note that even with such a huge installed base – and the price of an additional laptop battery costing upwards of $100, there are hardly any guides around on how to maximize your runtime when on the road.

Well no longer, you can check out this piece here on how to keep the battery lifespan of your laptop going strong in Top 15 Ways to Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life.

But if you are the impatient sort, I have summarized a few of them here:

  • Defrag regularly – reduces needless hard disk seeking
  • Dim your screen – self explanatory
  • Cut down background applications
  • Cut down external devices
  • Add more RAM – reduce virtual RAM usage
  • Run off ISO rather than physical CD/DVD
  • Keep battery contacts clean
  • Hibernate not standby
  • Take care of your battery *
  • Get a new (more power efficient) laptop

(*) Where lithium ion batteries are concerned, there is no “memory effect” to speak of. However, there are actually 3 Things You Should Already Know About Your Lithium Ion Battery that I wrote earlier this year. Hope you find it useful.

Share your laptop anecdotes or stories.


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