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There are several excellent reasons for migrating your business to a cloud platform. It’s easier to access data and operations from practically anywhere, provides extra security in the form of backups and much more. Now you and your employees can learn how to use Google Cloud for your business from the eight courses in The 2023 Complete Google Cloud Developer & DevOps Course Bundle for just $39.

Beginners can start with the Google Cloud Digital Leader course, which is designed for business owners, C-suite executives, sales teams and marketers. You’ll learn the capabilities, core products and services of Google Cloud, as well as how the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) can benefit your business. It demonstrates common use cases of how cloud solutions can support enterprises.

The Google Cloud Platform Networking Fundamentals module is a good follow-up. It will give you an overview of GCP, then dive deep into its networking fundamentals.

The comprehensive Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer — Parts 1 and 2 — includes about 20 hours of instruction for students at an intermediate skill level that covers how to develop and deploy applications on Google’s Cloud platform. It would help you pass the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer Exam, if that is one of your objectives.

DevOps on Google Cloud Platform will help you better understand exactly what DevOps is and the way it applies specifically to GCP Services. It will teach you how to use GCP for computing, networking and storage services.

The Google Cloud Platform Data Storage course provides hands-on experience with database services in Google Cloud Platform, including setting up SQL and migrating from AWS S3. More specific instructions can be found in the Intro to Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine and Google Cloud FinOps courses.

All of these courses are provided by iCollege, a leading e-learning platform using only products from the best worldwide vendors and trusted by major tech corporations to train their employees.

If you want your business to stay competitive, you need to keep up with the latest tools and tech advances, including all the benefits that cloud operations can offer. Fortunately, learning all about it is now convenient and affordable.

Get The 2023 Complete Google Cloud Developer & DevOps Course Bundle now while it’s available for only $39.

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