Here's why the public cloud is growing rapidly

Flexibility and ease-of-use are the biggest reasons why the public cloud is growing so fast, says Agio CEO and founder Bart McDonough.

Here's why the public cloud is growing rapidly

Agio CEO and founder Bart McDonough spoke with Tech Republic's Dan Patterson about the reasons for the public cloud's rapid growth. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

Dan Patterson: What's driving this adoption? Is it IoT, data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), a combination of those?

Bart McDonough: Yeah, I think the scalability. I think the ease-of-use. And when I say ease-of-use, that ease-of-expansion. If you all of a sudden need resources in Europe, if you need resources in Asia, you can quickly spin those up all within your account. There's that flexibility, that ease-of-use, which I think is an enormous component around why people are increasing their use of the public cloud.

And then there's some of the dynamic capabilities around data distribution, as you indicated. And then lastly the security resources applied to the public cloud are really dwarfing those of private cloud providers.

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Patterson: I just threw at you three of the biggest buzzwords in jargon soup-land, and you came back to ease-of-use, scalability and flexibility. That's fascinating. Where are those? If these three hyped technologies are not driving the public cloud, where do they fit into that puzzle piece?

McDonough: IoT and big data, they certainly are drivers behind it. But let's think about big data. You need access to a lot of compute and a lot of storage. Well, that goes right into that flexibility and ease-of-use that the public cloud provides you, so they're definitely married. But I just think, while those buzzwords are going to swap out and there's going to be a new buzzword in a few years, what's ultimately driving the public cloud adoption are this ease-of-use, flexibility. More control around what you consume, and when you consume it, and how you consume it.

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