How Google Cloud is helping companies scale up quickly due to COVID-19

Learn how the healthcare, e-commerce, and media sectors are managing to adapt to massive demands and challenges during the coronavirus pandemic.

How Google Cloud is helping companies scale up quickly due to COVID-19

CBS News and CNET Senior Producer Dan Patterson talked with Philip Moyer, VP of Industries for Google Cloud, about Google Cloud's role in business since the beginning of the coronavirus quarantine. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation.

Philip Moyer: First and foremost, my thanks and gratitude and our hearts go out to all the hospital workers that are on the front lines of this crisis for us. We couldn't all be doing what we're doing without them.

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And so I would tell you that in the background, there are systems that are actually routing supplies and ordering supplies, the fundamental infrastructure that underlies being able to connect the manufacturer of masks or the manufacturer of a particular drug over to a hospital and being able to route the right kind of medication to the right kind of pharmacy. All of that is running on massive computing farms, and we're very fortunate to be able to provide some of that computing farm to be able to help organizations that need to route supplies, route information, and be able to get the right kind of information, as well as the right medication to the right individuals at the right time.

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What I see is that there's no single story by industry. You know, people are saying retail is absolutely having a really difficult time, but parts of retail are going through the absolute ceiling. Some of these organizations we've had to implement our Black Friday, Cyber Monday protocols that really help us minimize change in our environment to be able to support the spikes that some of the businesses are seeing. You know, Loblaws, a grocery store up in Canada, had a 20X increase in online orders. We're seeing organizations having to deal with chatbots because of the customer service that wasn't prepared to be able to handle all of the e-commerce. We're lifting entire SAP instances and e-commerce instances rapidly up in the cloud to be able to scale up.

And then over in media, as an example, we're seeing a whole variety of types of things. You know, Unity is a great example of an organization, a gaming organization, that they're involved with the World Health Organization. You know, I never would've thought of putting gaming together with world health, but they're working on this Play Apart Together initiative. And so we're seeing the kind of, I'll say the shapes of computing vary dramatically from what we've seen in the past, and we're seeing business be done in different ways than ever before.

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E-commerce, I would have to tell you, if organizations were moving slow toward e-commerce, they are sprinting towards e-commerce today. If they were lagging behind in terms of bringing, I'll say, kind of artificial intelligence and chatbots into their contact centers, they're rushing into trying to get those kinds of technologies into their call centers and into their customer service locations. And so it is a rapid shift to online and to hyper-scale.

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