How to add Firefox bookmarks to an Android home screen

Make opening websites considerably easier on Android with Firefox bookmark shortcuts.

How to add Firefox bookmarks to an Android home screen

There are times when you simply need quick access to a website while on the go. For most users, that means opening your browser of choice and typing that site's URL into the address bar. For those that aren't quite millennial-like in their mobile typing ability, that could take more time than you like.

Or, you could navigate the (mostly) cumbersome bookmark tools found in the average mobile web browser.

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There is, of course, a better solution. You could add a launcher for those sites you depend on the most to the Android homescreen. With these launchers in place, those sites are a quick tap away. When you're scrambling to get from client to client, those seconds you save can make the difference between you being on time or late with an appointment. 

How do you add those Firefox bookmarks to the homescreen? Let me show you how.

What you need

The only thing you'll need is to have Firefox installed on your Android device. I'll assume you have that open source browser up and running and ready to go.

How to add a bookmark to the home screen

Open the Firefox mobile browser and point it to the TechRepublic website. Once on the site, tap the Firefox menu button (three vertical dots) and then tap Page | Add Page Shortcut (Figure A).

Figure A


The Firefox Page submenu.

A new overlay will open (Figure B). From that overlay either tap Add Automatically or tap and drag the favicon of the site in question to the homescreen location of your choice.

Figure B


Adding the TechRepublic shortcut to the homescreen.

That's all there is to adding a Firefox website shortcut to your Android homescreen. Tap that launcher and the TechRepublic page will automatically open in the Firefox browser.

How to create a folder

To keep this a bit cleaner, create a number of shortcuts and then drag them together to create a Firefox bookmark folder (Figure C). You could even create numerous folders to house specific bookmarks of certain categories (i.e. work, purchasing, testing, consumer, etc.).

Figure C


A folder containing TechRepublic, ZDNet, and CNET shortcuts.

And that's pretty much all there is to making the Firefox bookmark feature considerably more efficient. Make use of these shortcuts, so you're not always fumbling to type URLs or fighting with the less-than-effective mobile bookmark feature.

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Image: Mozilla