How to connect KDE desktop to your cloud accounts

Jack Wallen shows you how to connect your Google Drive account to the KDE Plasma desktop.

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It's almost impossible to get by these days without making use of a cloud account (or two). Because of that need, every operating system developer has given serious consideration to integrating cloud accounts into their platform. GNOME has done a somewhat decent job with it. For the likes of the Elementary OS Pantheon desktop, cloud integration is a glaring need (the only options found in Online Accounts being, FastMail, and Email--which doesn't really cut it). But what about KDE? Fortunately, the developers made it possible to add Google, ownCloud, and Twitter accounts to the desktop.

I will walk you through the process of adding a Google Drive account to the KDE desktop, and how to make it easier to access. The only things you need are a working KDE Plasma desktop and a Google account. Now, you are ready to configure.

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Connecting the Account

To connect your Google Drive account to KDE, click on the K menu (bottom left of the desktop) and then type Online. Click on the Online Accounts entry. In the resulting window click the Create button and then, from the list in the right pane (Figure A), click Google.

Figure A

Figure A

Selecting an online account to add.

You will then be prompted to sign in with your Google account (Figure B).

Figure B

Figure B

Signing into your Google account.

Once authenticated, you will be asked to give permission for KDE to access your Google account. Fear not, this is normal. Click Allow (Figure C) to continue.

Figure C

Figure C

Allowing KDE access to your Google account.

After giving KDE access to your Google account, the file manager (Dolphin) will open to reveal the files/folders found in Google Drive (Figure D).

Figure D

Figure D

Your Google Drive files and folders are ready to access.

The caveat and the solution

There's a slight caveat found at this juncture. If you close the file manager and reopen it, where do you find your mounted Google Drive folders? That's a bit of a problem. The integration doesn't actually create a mount point in the file manager, nor is it easy to locate it via the file system hierarchy. So, instead of closing the file manager, do this first:

  1. Between the toolbar and the main right pane, click gdrive.
  2. Right-click your Google address used for your account.
  3. From the pop-up menu (Figure E), select Add to Places.

Figure E

Figure E

Adding your Google Drive location to the Dolphin Places (think Favorites) feature.

Now, when you open the file manager, you'll find quick access to your Drive files/folders in the left navigation pane.

Happy drive-ing with KDE

You now connected your Google Drive account to the KDE desktop. Like with GNOME, the integration isn't seamless, but at least you can gain access to Drive, from within Dolphin, without too much work.

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