How to create a channel for SMAC cloud and assign users with specific permissions

The SMAC Cloud app/service gives account admins the ability to control what users can do within channels.

How to create a channel for SMAC cloud and assign users with specific permissions

SMAC Cloud is a free cloud storage app (available for Android, iPhone and web), which offers a fairly straightforward means of syncing your files and folders. It also includes a unique method of sharing with users and/or teams. With SMAC, you can create channels and then add users with specific permissions to the channels. With this system, you are able to control who can do what and where they can do it.

I'm going to walk you through the process of creating a user with specific permissions, creating a new channel, and then how to add that new user to the new channel. Although all of this can be easily done from the web-based interface, I'm going to demonstrate doing this from within the Android app. 

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What you need

To make this work, you'll need a SMAC Cloud Account (the free version will do). You will also need the SMAC Cloud Android app installed and logged into your account. With these two things ready, it's time to get busy.

Creating a new user

The first thing to do is create a new user. To do this, open the SMAC Cloud app and swipe right (from the left edge) to open the sidebar. From the sidebar, tap Users (Figure A).


Figure A: The SMAC Cloud app sidebar.

In the Users window, tap the + button in the upper right corner of the app. In the resulting window, fill out the necessary information for the new user. For the Assign Role dropdown (Figure B), select Standard (as we want to give our new user both read and write access to the channel). Also leave the Let user set password checkbox checked.


Figure B: Giving our new user a specific role.

Tap Save and the new user will be saved and is ready to be assigned to a channel.

Creating a channel

Next we'll create a new channel. To do this, open the SMAC sidebar again and tap Channels. In this new window, tap the + button and tap Create Channel (Figure C).


Figure C: Creating a new channel.

In the resulting popup (Figure D), give the new channel a name and then tap to select the newly added user. 


Figure D: Adding our new user to the new channel.

Tap the check mark to save the new channel. The Channel will create, with the new user added. The new user will receive an email with a link sending them to the SMAC web interface, where they can set their password. Once the new user has logged in, they'll have access to the new channel, such that they can view and upload files. Had you given that new user only viewing rights, they would only be able to view files within the channel (and not upload files). 

If, at any time, you need to change a user's role, simple go back to the user window (in the SMAC Cloud app), edit the user, and make the change. This will have an immediate effect, so the user won't have to log out and log back in. 

Talkin' SMAC

The SMAC Cloud service and app makes for a great cloud-based tool for small businesses to be able to collaborate with end users in such a way that not every user is created equal. Give this app and service a try and see if it doesn't wind up taking the place of whatever app/service you currently use.

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