How to enable facial recognition in the BitWarden mobile password manager

The latest version of the BitWarden Android client supports facial recognition. Find out how to enable it.

How to enable facial recognition in the BitWarden mobile password manager

You need to be using a password manager. Period. There are simply too many reasons to be doing so and too few reasons to not. For the longest time I used EnPass, but eventually decided I wanted to migrate to an open source solution that didn't require using a third-party cloud tool for syncing across devices. 

The best solution I found was BitWarden. BitWarden is an outstanding password manager that includes all the bells and whistles you've come to expect from such a tool. And because BitWarden is open source, it updates regularly. 

Case in point: Soon after the Google Pixel 4 was released, BitWarden began supporting the facial recognition biometric. This was a real boon for anyone who regularly depends on their password manager while on the go. 

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How to enable facial recognition with BitWarden

So if you've chosen BitWarden as your password manager, and your mobile device offers facial recognition, let me show you how to make this work. Now, don't blink, because this is so easy you might miss it. 

  1. Open BitWarden on your mobile device. 
  2. From the main window tap Settings. 
  3. In the resulting window, tap Unlock With Biometrics. 
  4. Finally, use your face to verify the biometric unlock. 
  5. Once verified, you'll see that Unlock With Biometrics is enabled. 

Congratulations, you can now unlock Bitwarden with your face. Isn't technology amazing? Just remember to not share your face with anyone else, lest they be able to gain access to all of your saved passwords.

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