How to enable grayscale in Android 10

Android 10 includes a mode that lives somewhere between the default theme and dark mode. Find out how to enable the grayscale option.

How to enable grayscale in Android 10

You've probably already heard that Android 10 finally has the dark mode that everyone on the planet seems to love. Okay, not everyone. I, for one, am not a fan of dark mode. Unless I'm viewing my phone in the dark, I have no desire to switch my device over to that inverted color theme. 

However, with the release of Android 10 there's a third option--one that lives between the light and the dark. Said option is grayscale. Grayscale is a nice compromise between the yin and yang of black and white. You'll still gain a bit of a bump in battery life (though not as much as with the dark mode), but you won't have to deal with that harsh inverted theme. 

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How to enable grayscale in Android 10

If that sounds like something you might want to use on your Android device, let me show you how to make it possible. 

  1. To enable grayscale, you must add the quick access button to the notification shade. To do that, swipe the notification shade down twice and tap the edit button (in the bottom left corner). 
  2. In the resulting window, tap and drag the Grayscale tile to top half of the screen.
  3.  Once you have the tile where you want it, tap the back button and you're done. You can now enable or disable the grayscale option from the notification shade tiles. 
  4. Pull down the shade and tap the Grayscale tile to enable the feature. 

You should see the interface shift from the standard mode to grayscale mode. Your device will function exactly the same as it does in the default mode, only the colors have all been muted to grayscale (hence the name). 

When you no longer need to use the grayscale mode, pull down the notification shade and tap the Grayscale tile. The interface should shift back to the standard mode. 

That's all there is to it. Enjoy that happy medium.

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Image: Jason Cipriani/CNET