How to get notifications on thread replies in Slack

Never miss out on a thread reply in the Android Slack app.

How to get notifications on thread replies in Slack

Slack makes it incredibly easy for you to communicate and collaborate with your teams. With the Android app, you can do so whether you're at your desk or not. But with the default Slack settings, you might miss out on certain notifications--especially when using the Slack mobile app. 

So how do you ensure you're getting the most out of Slack notifications? One thing you should consider doing out of the gate is enabling thread replies. Without this option enabled, you could easily miss out on replies to any number of messages within a thread.

Let's get that option turned on, so you don't miss important replies to threads in your workspaces.

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What you'll need

The only things you'll need are:

  • A Slack account
  • A workspace for which you have been assigned
  • The Slack Android app installed

How to enable thread replies in Slack

In order to enable thread replies in Slack, you need to log in to your Slack account on the Android app and then go to the workspace you want to use, as this is done per-workspace. Once in that workspace, tap the menu button in the upper right corner and then tap Settings from the drop-down (Figure A).

Figure A


Navigating to the Settings window in Slack. 

From within the Settings window, tap Settings under the Notifications section. In that resulting window (Figure B), you'll see the Notify Me About Replies To Threads. Tap the On/Off slider until it is in the On position.

Figure B


The Notifications settings window in Slack. 

You can now back out of the Settings window. From this point on, you will be notified of any reply to a thread in your workspace. If you find this gets to be overwhelming (which can happen in a very busy workspace), disable the notifications. However, if you've been missing out on thread replies, you might want to consider suffering through the deluge of notifications, in order to stay in the loop.

The caveat

Of course, there's a caveat. Said caveat is that Android might be blocking notifications to the Slack App. How this works will depend on a combination of which version of Android you are using and which device you own. With Android 10, Slack notifications are not working at all. Hopefully this issue will be resolved sooner rather than later, otherwise you'll simply continue missing out on those important thread replies.

If you find that notifications aren't showing up on your device, it could be due to a corrupted cache. To clear this go to Slack | Workspace | Menu | Settings | Advanced | Reset Cache. If that doesn't fix the problem, and you're on Android 10, wait until an update comes along for either Slack or Android and cross your fingers the issue is resolved.

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