How to manage site settings in Vivaldi for Android

Find out how to enable or disable permissions on a site-by-site basis in the Vivaldi browser.

How to manage site settings in Vivaldi for Android

The Vivaldi web browser for Android has become my default for many reasons: Speed, accuracy of rendering, added security, and more. Like many other mobile browsers, you can easily gain access to the per-site settings. This settings option allows you control a few options for the site in question. 

For example, instead of clearing the entire Vivaldi cache, you can instead opt to only clear the cache saved by a single site. That setting alone makes it worth the free price of entry. I want to show you how to take control of those site settings in Vivaldi for Android.

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What you'll need

The only thing you'll need is the Vivaldi browser installed on your Android device. At the moment there are only two versions available:

I'll be demonstrating on the Snapshot version of Vivaldi, running on Android 10.

How to navigate to the Site Settings page in Vivaldi

Open Vivaldi and navigate to one of your favorite sites (such as TechRepublic). Once there, tap the lock icon in the address bar (Figure A).

Figure A


The Vivaldi browser address bar holds the key to per-site settings.

In the resulting drop-down (Figure B), tap Site Settings.

Figure B


This drop-down also informs you if your connection is secure.

From within the Site Settings window (Figure C), you can manage any permissions the site has been given and delete the data stored for the site--in this case TechRepublic has been granted sound permissions.

Figure C


Managing the settings for TechRepublic, as viewed through Vivaldi.

To delete usage data for a site, simply tap the trashcan icon and when prompted, tap Clear All. To revoke a permission from a site, tap the permission in question and when prompted, tap Block (Figure D).

Figure D


Revoking a permission for a site.

And that's pretty much it for managing per-site settings in the Vivaldi browser on Android. For anyone that likes to keep control over how much access a site has in your browser, or wants to have quick access to deleting saved site data, this handy feature will quickly become your go-to. 

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Image: Jack Wallen