How to quickly add an task on Android might be the best task manager app on the market. Learn how to quickly add tasks from the Android notification shade.

How to quickly add an task on Android

You're busy and that growing list of tasks isn't getting any shorter. In fact, you find yourself constantly adding to that list. If you consider yourself a task list power user, you might make use of the mobile app on Android. This particular take on the task list is much more than that. In fact, is not just a task list, but a calendar, planner, and reminder tool with as user-friendly an interface as you'll find on the mobile ecosystem. has lots of tricks up its sleeve--many of which are focused on making the tool as efficient as possible. No feature shows this off better than the ability to add new tasks right from the Android notification shade.

Let me show you how this is done.

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What you'll need

All you will need to make this work is installed on Android. That's it. I'll be demonstrating this process on the latest beta release of Android 11, but the process is the same, regardless of what release you are using. 

Note: The notification shade in Android 11 has undergone some changes from the previous iterations (a much-welcomed improvement), so what you'll see will certainly differ from what you're used to, unless you are also using Android 11. 

How to add a task in

Let's first look at how easy it is to add a task to via the usual method. Not only is this simple, it's very obvious. Open, tap on the Tasks tab, and type what you want in the bottom text area. You could also tap + and then walk through the menu of possibilities (Figure A).

Figure A


Adding a task in

Fairly straight-forward. In fact, it's not something that should trip up anyone who has ever used a mobile device to keep track of tasks.

But what about that faster method? How does it work?

Pull down your notification shade and scroll until you see the listing (Figure B).

Figure B


The listing in the notification shade.

The listing should have a downward-pointing arrow at the right edge. Tap that to not only reveal your upcoming tasks, but the Add A Task button as well (Figure C).

Figure C


The task add button in the Android notification screen.

Tap Add A Task and then, in the resulting text area, type the task you want to add (Figure D).

Figure D


Adding a task to from the Android notification shade.

After you type your task, tap the Send button and the task will be added to

And that's all there is to adding a task to from the Android notification shade. This process makes the task management app as efficient as any you've ever used. The only method that might be faster would be a pairing of Google Assistant and Google Tasks.

But for those who prefer a more manual process, will do.

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