How to reset Android Pie's Adaptive Battery

If your Android Pie battery is performing poorly, you may need to reset the Adaptive Battery. Jack Wallen shows you how.

How to reset Android Pie's adaptive battery

If your device has upgraded to Android Pie, you may have noticed a much-improved battery life. How did the developers pull this off? With the application of AI, Android can now better monitor and learn when to shut down unused applications (so they aren't running in memory). Because of this, the platform doesn't pull as much power from the battery, thanks to running (yet unused) applications.

Although Adaptive Battery does a remarkable job of shutting down those unused apps, it's not perfect. In fact, sometimes the AI might learn a poor pattern of usage and refuse to shut down apps that aren't being used, thereby not saving your battery.

Unfortunately, the developers failed to enable users to reset the feature and clear what the AI learned about your usage patterns. This means, should the AI pick up bad "habits," there's no official way for the system to unlearn those habits. There is, however, a nuclear option. The method of unlearning is quite global, so you want to use it as a last-ditch effort. However, if Adaptive Battery picked up some really bad habits, the battery on your Android device can be drained prematurely, and no one wants to be tethered to a charge half-way through the day. And because Android Pie is supposed to be a champion for battery life (which it is), you don't want to miss out on that bonus.

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And thus, the nuclear option.

Delete data

What we're going to do is delete all of the data on the device. That's right, all the data. That means everything--including your Google Account. Don't worry, this process won't actually delete the data from your Google account; instead, it will delete the account from the device. Once you've done this, you'll need to re-setup all of your apps. If you're keen on the terminology, Erase All Data is, in fact, a factory reset. You got it. The only way to reset the Adaptive Battery feature is to do a complete factory reset. Here's how you do this on Android Pie:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to System | Advanced
  3. Tap Reset options
  4. Tap Erase all data (Figure A)
  5. Scroll through the listing of what will be erased and tap RESET PHONE
  6. Allow the process to complete

Figure A

Figure A

The factory reset option in Android Pie.

Once the reset completes, you'll then have to walk through the process of setting your device up again. Start using Android as you normally do, and Adaptive Battery will quickly pick up on your habits. If you found the battery life of your device not up to par, chances are you'll see it much-improved (once Adaptive Battery has picks up on your usage habits).

Needed: One non-nuclear option

Attention Google developers: Android needs a non-nuclear option to reset Adaptive Battery. In the reset window, there should be an entry that allows users to clear away what the AI has learned so that we don't have to do a factory reset. Maybe such a feature will come in the future? Until then, if you find your Android battery performing poorly, do a factory reset so the system can "unlearn" from its mistakes.

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Image: Jack Wallen