How to silence certain notifications in Google Drive

Jack Wallen shows you how to silence Google Drive notifications for Google+ and Google Photos, so you can work with fewer interruptions.

How to silence certain notifications in Google Drive

I'm in Google Drive all day. And although I appreciate getting notifications of specific things, there are certain services I really don't care to be updated on. Particularly, I don't really care what's going on in Google+.

Don't get me wrong, at one point I did. I honestly thought Google+ was going to be the next big social thing. Instead, it's become a place where you can sort of connect with those of like minds and interests, but I don't tend to bother with it anymore.

Unfortunately, Google hasn't realized I've lost my taste for Google+ and insists that I see notifications from the service. The same thing happens with Google Photos. I don't need to know that I recently uploaded a photo or that a new gif or memory is available. I just want to work.

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So, instead of allowing those notifications to stack up until I have so many that they bog down my drive when I dismiss them all at once, I opt to simply silence those notifications. How do you do that? It's actually really simple.

Let me show you. Open up Google Drive and click on the notification bell icon. From that popup, click on the gear icon. You should now see On/Off switches for both Google+ and Photos. Slide those to the Off position to disable notifications from either or both services.

That's all there is to silencing those notifications in Google Drive. The good thing about this is that it doesn't interfere with you getting important notifications, such as when a teammate has edited a shared document. Google played it smart and limited what notifications you can disable from the main Google Drive notification dropdown.

If you want to silence other notifications, some tools in the Google landscape (such as Sheets) allow you to manage notification rules from within the Tools menu. If you don't see a Notification rules entry in the Tools menu, that means you're out of luck, and you'll keep getting notifications, whether you want them or not. It may not be perfect, but at least you have some control.

Image: Google