How to snooze notifications in Android Oreo

Android Oreo is one of the most polished releases of the platform. With it comes a few very handy features. One such feature is notification snoozing. Jack Wallen shows you how this feature works.

How to snooze notifications in Android Oreo

How many times have you had a notification appear on your Android device that needed attention ... but not in that exact moment. What are you to do? Let that notification hang around, cluttering up your notification shade, until you're ready to respond? Or do you clear it away, hoping beyond hope that you'll remember to deal with it later?

If you happen to be a proud user of Android Oreo, there's another option. Said option is notification snooze. That's right, with the eighth iteration of the Android platform, the ability to snooze a notification is baked right in. And it's incredibly simple to use. Let me show you how.

Pull down the notification shade and find a notification you want to snooze. Swipe that notification slightly to the right, until the clock and gear icons appear. Tap the clock icon and then you can select how long to snooze from the drop-down. The notification will go away and will not appear until the allotted time has passed. When the notification reappears, you can either snooze it again, or deal with it then.

This feature has been a long time coming and makes the Android notification system even more flexible and user-friendly. Remember, though, this feature is only available in Android Oreo. If your device has yet to upgrade to the latest version of the platform, hopefully if you give it time, you'll get that upgrade. If not, there's always the Google Pixel.

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