How to take notes in the Slack mobile app

Never exit the Slack app again to jot down a note for later use.

How to take notes in the Slack mobile app

If you've become a hard-core Slack user (or want to become one), you are probably aware that the app offers a ton of nifty features, all of which are geared toward making your day considerably more flexible.

One handy feature that you might not know about is the ability to take notes for yourself. Why would you want to do this? Say, for instance, you're in the middle of a deep discussion with a number of other users in a workspace and someone mentions something you think would be great to bring up in another workspace or to another user. Or, maybe it's a topic you feel needs further research or you want to create a note that can serve as a template for later Slack messages. Why bother exiting the Slack app when you can simply remain and jot down a note or two?

How do you do this? Let me show you.

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What you'll need

The only things you'll need to make this happen are:

  • The Slack app (either for your Android or iOS device)
  • An account that can access a workspace

How to take notes in Slack

Open your workspace in the Slack app and then open the left sidebar. In that sidebar you should see yourself listed under Direct Messages (Figure A).

Figure A


Your username listed in the left sidebar.

Tap on your name and you should see your personal space. At the bottom of the window (Figure B), you should see a text area labeled Jot Something Down.

Figure B


Your personal Slack space.

Tap that text area and start typing your note. Once you've completed composing the note, tap the send button. The note should immediately appear in your personal space. At that point you can long-press the note and tap Edit Message (Figure C).

Figure C


Editing your message.

While editing the message, you can always use the formatting options available, such as:

  • Bold text by encasing it with *asterisks*
  • Italicize text by encasing it with _underscores_
  • Strikethrough text by encasing it with ~tildes~
  • Quote a single sentence with a leading >
  • Quote multiple sentences with leading >>>
  • Format one word as inline code with surrounding `backticks`
  • Format multiple words or lines as inline code with surrounding multiple ```backticks```

Once you've finished your editing, tap the check mark and your message is saved. With that formatted message just as you like it, you can then copy and paste it into whatever workspace or private message necessary.

This is a great way to compose messages and/or notes that could be used as templates, rough drafts, simple notes, and more. By jotting these notes down, you won't find yourself leaving the Slack app, and running the risk of missing out on something, or having to scramble to find a piece of paper to keep from forgetting that crucial piece of information.

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