How to use virtual backgrounds in Zoom from your phone

Zoom Cloud Meetings can put a virtual background behind you while you chat on your smartphone, but only if you're using iOS--it's not supported on Android devices.

How to use virtual backgrounds in Zoom from your phone

One of the coolest features of Zoom's video conferencing app for desktops is its virtual backgrounds. With just a few clicks, you can replace the room behind you with whatever photo you choose. This feature is available in Zoom Cloud Meetings too, but with a caveat: It's only available on iOS. 

Sorry, Android users--you're stuck displaying the room behind you since Android doesn't currently support virtual backgrounds in Zoom (it isn't known when, or if, the feature is coming). 

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iOS users can turn on virtual backgrounds in Zoom Cloud Meetings during a meeting by tapping on the More button at the bottom right of the menu bar, tapping on Virtual Background, and selecting which background to display (Figure A). 

Figure A 


If you want to add photos for use as a background, like a nice outdoor space or a clean, uncluttered version of your home office, tap the plus button.

You can turn virtual backgrounds off again by tapping None, and you can check out this link to download Zoom Cloud Meetings for iOS.

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