How to work with the new Android Pie rotate feature

If you're not a fan of auto-rotate but still want the ability to rotate your device, Android Pie has a solution.

How to work with the new Android Pie rotate feature

Are you a fan of auto-rotate? Personally, I'm not. In fact, I always turn auto-rotate off in my notification shade. Why? Because autorotation never seems to happen when I want it to. So, I disable it. However, sometimes I do want to rotate an app from portrait to landscape mode. Why? Well, certain apps (or functions of certain apps) work better when in landscape mode. But, because auto-rotate so often rotates when I least want it to, I disable it.

Fortunately, the developers created a new feature for Android Pie that allows you to disable auto-rotate but still get a bit of rotate goodness when you need it. I'm going to show you how to make this happen.

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What you need

Obviously, you need a device running Android Pie. With that in hand, you are ready to work some auto-rotate magic.

Disabling auto-rotate

The first thing to do is disable auto-rotate. To do that, pull down your notification shade and tap the auto-rotate icon until it is disabled (Figure A).

Figure A

Figure A

Auto-rotate is now disabled.

Now, if you rotate your device (whether accidentally or intentionally), the screen will not rotate.

How to rotate

Now that auto-rotate is disabled, you might still need your screen to rotate into landscape mode. How do you do that? With an app open, when you rotate your screen (with auto-rotate disabled), a small rotate icon will appear to the right (or above, depending on how you have your device oriented) of your Home button (Figure B).

Figure B

Figure B

The rotate button ready to be tapped.

If you tap that button, the screen will rotate from portrait to landscape. When you rotate the device from landscape back to portrait, you'll have to tap that button once again (remember, auto-rotate was disabled).

Controlling your orientation

It's about time the Android developers gave users control over when their devices rotate. With Android Pie, you can now eat your cake and have it, too. Nom.

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