Consumers prefer security over convenience for the first time ever, IBM Security report finds

Mobile and web users are aware of the data breaches happening around them, and are now prioritizing strong security and privacy--especially when it comes to their financial accounts.

IBM Security Report: Security now outweighs convenience

A new study by IBM Security surveying 4,000 adults from a few different regions of the world found that consumers are now ranking security over convenience. For the first time ever, business users and consumers are now preferring security over convenience. TechRepublic spoke with executive security advisor at IBM Security Limor Kessem to discuss this new trend.

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"We always talk about the ease of use, and not impacting user experience, etc, but it turns out that when it comes to their financial accounts...people actually would go the extra mile and will use extra security," Kessem said. Whether it's using two factor authentication, an SMS message on top of their password, or any other additional step for extra protection, people still want to use it. Some 74% of respondents said that they would use extra security when it comes to those accounts, she said.

Based on findings in the report, people are aware of the data breaches that are happening to companies and consumers alike--with the US leading in terms of people who are aware of data breaches.

"They understand that there's something they can do to prevent it, and they need to secure their accounts," she said. "We figure that could be a reason, especially when it comes to where their money lays. They want to make sure that's more secure."

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