Ok, so it’s not exactly what you were thinking. According to News.com Blog, gesture recognition is all the rage as Japanese companies show off their prototypes or upcoming products at the Ceatec show.

Here are some of the highlights, according to the report:

  • Toshiba has a PC that you operate with hand gestures
  • Hitachi Metals has a product in its booth called “Magic Waters,” in which a wand is used to control the water from a fountain
  • Sharp has a screen that lets phone manufacturers put on an iPhone-like interface
  • Citizen Watch has a glove that lets you control certain things
  • Pioneer has a car navigation prototype that relies on finger gesture. Flicking at a 3D hologram-like image of a gas station pump highlights all of the gas stations in the vicinity

Writer Tom Samiljan suggests that this technology development is due to Wii fever.

What kind of applications do you see in the future for gesture recognition technology?