Kashoo: Fast facts

Starting price: $30/mo. or $324/yr.
Key points:
  • Simple and beginner-friendly interface.
  • Canada-specific functions.
  • More expensive than competitors.
  • Lacks advanced features.

If you’re looking for a simple, no-frills accounting software, then Kashoo is ideal. This beginner-friendly title sports a beautiful user interface, automated features, and other perks.

Kashoo serves customers in the United States and Canada, so the software also adheres to regulations from the Canada Revenue Agency, as well as IRS requirements in the U.S.

Still, there are downsides. While it’s a great starter and a solid option for smaller businesses, some businesses may eventually outgrow Kashoo’s limited functionality. The platform is also more expensive than competitors. Moreover, many functions, such as receiving payments, rely on third-party companies.

Let’s find out if Kashoo is the best accounting software for your current stage of business.

Kashoo pricing

In line with its theme of simplicity, Kashoo doesn’t offer multiple price points. Instead, you get everything for one flat rate. You’ll pay either $30 monthly or $324 annually. You can also take advantage of a 14-day free trial.

Base rateCredit card processing fee (via WePay)Chargeback fee
$30 per month (or $324 annually if paid upfront)2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction$15 per occurrence

Kashoo costs vs. competitors

Despite Kashoo’s simplicity, it isn’t a better deal than competitors. For example, QuickBooks Online offers similar features in its Simple Start plan for $30 monthly. Sage Accounting is only $25 monthly, but it boasts more perks for the money.

CompetitorStarting price (per month)
QuickBooks Online$30
Sage Accounting$58.92
Xero$15 with limited invoices, $42 unlimited
Zoho Books$0 for 1,000 invoices annually

Compared to these choices, Kashoo isn’t the best value. However, its price is perhaps justified if you highly value simplicity and a beginner-friendly interface. It’s also more appealing if you need Canada-specific assistance. Still, many alternatives equally dish out an easily digestible experience that serves the U.S. and Canada alike.

So, if you want more bang for the buck, QuickBooks Online is a better deal. This competitor offers unlimited invoices for the same cost. Plus, there are multiple plans to opt for as your business grows.

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Kashoo key features

Double-entry accounting

Kashoo supports double-entry accounting, a gold standard among accounting professionals. This advanced system documents finances for investors, auditors and even lenders.

Most premium accounting software handles double-entry. But Kashoo makes it easier, as you can input debits and credits on the same screen. This time-saving feature avoids manually entering data in separate areas of the platform.

Canadian-specific functions

We’ve touched on Kashoo’s allegiance to Canada. And undoubtedly, the platform delivers a full-fledged experience for Canucks.

For starters, the platform natively supports French as spoken in Canada. And when it comes to the loonies and cents of your business, you’re in luck. Kashoo seamlessly connects to most Canadian banks on the platform. This access is appealing since many competitors, such as Xero, don’t support most institutions north of the U.S. border.

Tax time is also a breeze. Kashoo can populate your GST and HST tax papers for you. It won’t send it to the Canada Revenue Agency, though. You’re still on the hook for that. Still, this function saves bundles of time, and it includes country-specific guidelines.

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Receipt uploads on iOS

If you pull in lots of paper receipts, the Kashoo app for iPhone and iPad can capture pictures easily. This time-saving perk can help you rapidly input transactions with proof. An Android app lags in development, though, but Apple devices excel in this area.

Unlike some competitors, the mobile app doesn’t automatically fill in transaction data based on the receipt scan. Still, the iOS tool is incredibly simple to use. This ease of use makes it a breeze to generate invoices in the field, with less clicking around needed than competitors. And once receipts are uploaded, you can organize a database of receipts based on price, date and other factors.

Kashoo’s pros

Automated features

The platform automates many things, saving business owners time. For example, Kashoo can categorize bank transactions hands-free. As soon as your debit card swipes, the platform has it recorded. Many reports and tax documents are also auto-populated. Same goes for payroll deductions, which can get recorded on a set schedule. These intelligent features free up precious time for resource-strapped, small-business owners.

No jargon

Having a beginner-friendly user interface is excellent. But throw in some confusing jargon, and you’ll quickly feel lost. Thankfully, Kashoo’s approach to language focuses on demystifying accounting terminology. The platform uses colloquial and well-explained terms as much as possible. For example, the tool clarifies that “debit” and “credit” have different meanings in accounting than general public use. Most competitors assume you already grasp this confusing concept.

Paper check printing

Kashoo allows you to print traditional paper paychecks. You’ll need to provide the checks, of course. But a template and step-by-step walkthrough are included. The software partners with Dynamic Systems in the U.S. and Cheque Print in Canada to help you acquire compatible supplies, such as checks and rubber stamps.

Kashoo’s cons

Limited credit card payment options

If you send invoices with Kashoo, you’ll have only two options to get paid. You can either connect Stripe or use the platform’s integration with WePay, a third-party payment processor owned by JPMorgan Chase. No other options, such as PayPal or Apple Pay, are supported.

So, if you want a different processor, you must arrange that on your own outside of the platform. This naturally causes a disconnect between your data in Kashoo and your chosen payment processor.

Inconvenient customer support

Phone support is available only on weekdays from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time. So if you live in either Central or Eastern time zones, you may be at a loss if you run into issues at the end of the day. Besides telephone support, there’s a limited, partially bot-powered chat feature and email.

QuickBooks, for comparison, provides similar hours for each time zone. Others, such as Xero, boast 24/7 live support.

Few educational resources

The platform provides technical documentation on how to use it. But beyond these basics, Kashoo’s knowledge base is minimal and outdated.

There are no community resources, such as forums or live training sessions. And the company’s educational guides are many years old. Around two-thirds of the platform’s training articles have gone untouched since 2014. Even the company’s news blog is aging, with most articles from 2022 and before.

Bottom line, if you’re still learning the accounting ropes, you’ll need to look elsewhere for up-to-date materials.

If Kashoo isn’t ideal for you, check out these alternatives

QuickBooks Online

Our star rating: 4.6 out of 5.

QuickBooks Online is a powerhouse in the accounting software market. Unlike Kashoo, the platform offers diverse plan options that address almost every feature you’ll ever need. This variety allows you to choose your perfect price point and functionality.

This alternate software pick is also renowned for its extensive third-party integration capabilities. Indeed, it’s a gold standard for enterprise software to integrate with QuickBooks. You’ll have no issue connecting your bank and favorite business software titles.

Finally, QuickBooks Online is highly beginner-friendly. Intuit, the title’s parent company, hosts a vibrant online community and a wealth of educational resources. These tools ease the learning curve for newcomers.


Our star rating: 4.6 out of 5.

Sage offers more features than Kashoo for a lower price. Specifically, the company delivers a full software ecosystem. For example, you can connect accounting to the human resources tool. There’s also an inventory management solution available, among other offerings. With Sage, you’ll get everything you need to run your business, not just accounting software.

Plus, Sage earns high marks for its customer service. Live agents are available around the clock.


Our star rating: 4.1 out of 5.

FreshBooks primarily targets service-based businesses and freelancers. It carves out a niche with its client-focused offerings. These perks include automated retainer invoices and client-facing records.

The platform is particularly appealing for its time-tracking function. Using this tool, you can nail down every last second and bill clients with laser-like precision. For comparison, Kashoo doesn’t offer any similar abilities.

Review methodology

We took advantage of Kashoo’s free trial and carefully analyzed its technical documentation to determine its features and abilities. We also sorted through customer reviews and carefully compared the platform to competitors to create this review.

Who is Kashoo best for?

Kashoo is best if you crave a quick, straightforward accounting solution. Given the platform’s limited advanced features, it may be a better fit if your business is smaller and limited in scale. Simply put, it’s not the cheapest option in the industry nor the best value for the money. But it’s hassle-free to use and takes only a few minutes to get started.

If Kashoo doesn’t seem like the best fit, then consider one of the alternatives we’ve suggested: QuickBooks, Sage or FreshBooks. Or you can also peruse our top picks for accounting software to see what other options are out there.

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