A person using LazyApply to apply for work.
Image: StackCommerce

Despite how exciting it’s been for many businesses and entrepreneurs trying to save time, ChatGPT isn’t exactly a flawless development. AI-powered tools just aren’t a substitute for good old-fashioned hard work yet, but there are instances where AI can be a big help. For instance, when you’re applying for jobs or contracts.

With the LazyApply Job Application, you can apply for up to hundreds of jobs with just a click. That’s an enormous asset for independent contractors who need to generate as many leads as possible and great for anyone looking to level up their career by changing organizations.

The intuitive tool lets you save all of your information once and then automate the job application process by submitting to new jobs every day on job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed and more. It’s the easiest way to cut down on the time it takes to find and apply for jobs, so you can spend more time learning new skills, gaining new experience and making more connections.

LazyApply lets you send up to 150 job applications per day and gives you unlimited LinkedIn profile emails, so you can reach out about job opportunities personally. You’ll also get a weekly consultation call to help you find better application strategies and a complete suite of analytics to see how your applications are performing on a daily basis.

All of that is why LazyApply has received praise from users like Christopher Zeger, who say, “This is the most useful job search tool I have ever used. I got tons of interview requests!”

Applying for new jobs shouldn’t be hard. With the LazyApply Job Application, it isn’t. Get a lifetime subscription today for just $67 for a limited time.

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