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The business world is getting closer and closer to making Linux an everyday staple. Jack Wallen predicted that at some point in 2022, a major company would adopt Linux as its desktop OS of choice. While that’s yet to happen, the point is clear: We’re getting closer and closer to a world in which Linux isn’t just a cool skill for the highly technical to learn.

If you’d rather be ahead of the curve rather than running to try to catch up with it, check out The Complete 2022 Linux Certification Training Bundle. This comprehensive bundle includes 13 courses and more than 100 hours of course content from iCollege, a trusted marketplace in online learning.

Since 2003, iCollege has instructed thousands of students worldwide in the most in-demand tech topics. It’s trusted by Silicon Valley startups and Fortune 500 companies alike to keep their employees up to speed with the newest developments and innovations.

This bundle starts with the absolute basics. You’ll learn how Linux works, get familiar with the graphical user interface and understand how to use it as your primary operating system. From there, you’ll get into the basics of Linux Shell scripting, building the UNIX architecture and its different layers.

As you progress, you’ll get into more advanced Shell scripting, explore Linux security techniques, understand how to be a Linux server admin and much more. Eventually, you’ll even delve into study materials for three top Linux certification exams: LPIC-1 Linux Administrator (101-500), LPIC-1 Linux Administrator (102-500) and LPIC-2 Linux Engineer (201-450).

Become a Linux expert before it’s compulsory. Right now, you can get The Complete 2022 Linux Certification Training Bundle for just $69.

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