A worker learning to use Microsoft Excel.
Image: StackCommerce

If there’s any single software that the average business professional should know, it’s Microsoft Excel. Yet, many people still don’t understand just how much they can do with Excel. If you’re one of those people, it’s time to take your knowledge up a notch with The 2023 Premiere Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle.

Learning Excel is one of the smartest, simplest things you can do for your career, and this seven-course bundle will get you off on the right track. The bundle includes training from some of the web’s top instructors, including Maven Analytics (4.6/5-star instructor rating), Chris Haroun (4.5/5-star rating), and Warrick Klimaytys (4.4/5-star rating).

The comprehensive bundle covers formulas and functions, data visualization, dynamic array functions, and more advanced topics like PivotTables and business intelligence applications for Excel. No matter where your skill levels are, you’ll find the perfect entry point to the courses. You’ll be able to create workbooks and spreadsheets, calculate with the IF function, apply conditional formatting, automate your tedious tasks with macros and VBA, and learn how to program and insert images in Excel. It’s an extensive education that will help you take full advantage of all that Excel has to offer, from the everyday formulas and functions to the automation and business intelligence capabilities that set Excel above other spreadsheet tools.

If there’s one software worth knowing, it’s Microsoft Excel. Now is the time to take your Excel skills up a notch, while The 2023 Premiere Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle is on sale for 85% off $199 at just $29.00.

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