MWC19 Los Angeles: Syniverse's mission in the 5G revolution

As 5G permeates the industry, Syniverse shows how major companies can prepare for the tech.

MWC19 Los Angeles: Syniverse's mission in the 5G revolution

At the 2019 Mobile World Congress Los Angeles event, TechRepublic's Macy Bayern spoke with Syniverse CMO Bill Hurley about the best way for companies to prepare for and implement 5G technology. The following is an edited transcript of the interview. 

Bill Hurley: At Syniverse, we focus on improving the mobile experience around the world. Our real business is focused in three different areas. One, we focus on how we connect people around the world. Two, it's all about how we help those organizations and people interact around the world. And then three, it's how do you monetize what's going on in those interactions in the mobile experience? So it's all about that mobile experience.

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When we talk about connections, we're talking about how we have the largest global IPX network in the world that we make available for all mobile operators around the world. With that, we connect with seven billion devices on earth every day. We're making those connections available for companies, enterprises, and operators to interact or talk with through their mobile devices or with other IoT devices. How you interact with each other in order to monetize, or have a transaction that's involved, whether it's an IoT transaction or it's just a simple transaction over your mobile phone.

Syniverse really is about bringing together the complete mobile experience; we do that in a form of giving the operator the capabilities to do that for the enterprise, or in some cases we give it directly to the enterprise. We have solutions that provide secure capabilities for that network separate from the internet, so there's no way that the internet is going to get involved, or touch that messaging, or those interactions that are occurring.

We do roughly 60 billion messages a month, as I said, to about seven billion devices around the world, so our focus really is on that security piece, and with the advent of technologies like 5G, we think about the world in terms of what those experiences will be like, the mobile experience, but also how are we going to secure that experience? How are we going to create a great experience for the end customer, whether they're on a 5G network, they moved to 4G, they're on a 5G network, they're moving around, they're roaming from one place to another--how do we do that?

And the technology behind that is an important part of our focus today, so today Syniverse is all about how do I connect seven billion devices and make it available to companies around the world? How do I interact or how do I create interaction, omnichannel interaction communications across those seven billion devices? And how do I create monetization capabilities with capabilities like blockchain and the like in order to be able to create that full mobile experience?

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