Oracle LogoOracle has just released its newest installment of the Oracle Lite 10g product line in the form of Release 3. The key features added in this iteration are automatic synchronization, as well as a broader range of platform support.

In terms of platforms, support has been added for client database on Windows Mobile 5, Windows CE Standard SDK 5.0 as well as Java Database Connectivity support for the Symbian platform. Also, stored procedures can now also be written in C++ and C#/.NET

According to Olaf van der Geest, director of Oracle Database Lite Development:

“In the old version of the product, synchronization was always user-initiated. In the new version, what we have done is, instead of having the synch be user-initiated, it is automatically triggered.”

User can also define the parameters for when synchronization will be triggered, such as when new data has been keyed into the mobile device, or when the device enters the network, for example.

This is in line with what Microsoft has already done in terms of its mobile strategy. The just released Windows Mobile 6 has built-in support for SQL Server Compact Edition that can perform automatic synchronization with SQL Server 2005.

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Automatic database synchronization has profound implications as it allows the developer to focus on the actual development work. Because he can be assured that data synchronization will be transparently dealt with, the developer can code for a Mobile platform pretty much as he would a normal client-server setup.

What is your opinion? Do you think we will see an explosion of enterprise applications into the mobile space in the coming year ahead? Join the discussion.


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