A computer running VPN.asia.
Image: StackCommerce

When you’re working with client data, or perhaps just your own confidential information, online security is paramount. All it takes is one insecure public hotspot for someone to easily break into your systems. Unless you’re using VPN.asia, that is.

This highly rated service protects all your online activity with military-grade encryption while hiding your real IP address and physical location. In a special deal at TechRepublic Academy, you can pick up a 10-year subscription for only $79.99, a massive 92% off the usual price.

VPN.asia provides the level of security and privacy that your customers expect. Available on all major platforms, this app lets you lock down your online connections and bypass censorship at the same time. It works by routing your web traffic via masking servers located around the world. These nodes are remarkably fast, meaning you won’t see any noticeable drop in performance.

To make sure that these connections are secure, VPN.asia applies 256-bit encryption. This makes it virtually impossible for anyone to get at your browsing data. At the same time, those masking servers provide complete anonymity.

With unlimited bandwidth and support for up to ten devices on a single subscription, it’s easy to see how VPN.asia has earned features on CNET, Forbes, TNW, PCMag and Business Insider. Order today for only $79.99 to get your 10-year subscription, normally priced at $1,080.

Prices and availability are subject to change.