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Whether you want to build apps, analyze data, or dive into cybersecurity, learning a little Python is a smart idea. But if you’re new to programming, getting started can seem pretty daunting. Python for Beginners is designed to make the learning curve a lot smoother.

This concise, one-hour course provides the perfect introduction to Python with 13 tutorials that show you how to start writing your own code. The course is normally priced at $199, but you can currently pick it up for only $14.99 over at TechRepublic Academy.

Currently ranked as the number one most popular programming language in the world, Python is a versatile language. It’s also considered the best language for new coders; even most computer science programs start with a semester of Python.

Of course, you might not have quite the same ambitions as the students attending those courses. But, basic Python skills are highly valuable in many industries, such as tech, science, marketing, sales and more.

Python for Beginners: The Basics for Python Development is your launchpad into the world of code. The whole course lasts only an hour, but it covers all of the skills you’re likely to need in your work day.

Through hands-on video tutorials, you’ll learn about how programming languages work and all of the ways you can use Python code. You’ll then dive into the practical side, with lessons that show you how to set up Python on your computer and start writing powerful commands.

You should come away with the confidence to start integrating Python into your workflow and a certificate to prove your knowledge. Order today for only $14.99 to get lifetime access to the training on mobile and desktop devices, with a saving of 92% on the full price!

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