A businessman using a spreadsheet program on a laptop.
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Google Sheets is a great platform for working with data, particularly in remote teams. However, it has all the same limitations as any other spreadsheet editor. That is, unless you sprinkle in a little AI magic via SheetGPT.

This top-rated tool lets you automate a variety of tasks using ChatGPT, and it’s really easy to use. You would normally pay $299 for lifetime access, but you can grab the app today for only $48.99 via TechRepublic Academy.

From crunching sales data to crafting a content marketing strategy, we all use spreadsheets to organize data. It’s a system that works well — but you do have to spend time entering, importing and formatting new information.

What if you could automate these processes? You could spend many more hours doing something more productive in your business.

SheetGPT opens up this possibility. Once you install this add-on and hook up your OpenAI account, you can access an AI assistant whenever you want.

For instance, you can use SheetGPT to summarize a document in a few words or write a draft article. The app can also generate social media content, categorize data, classify information and cleanse anything that is unusable.

Using SheetGPT is a bit like creating a formula. You simply select a cell and type =AI(“Your Prompt Here”). Almost instantly, you get a response from ChatGPT that fills the cell.

You can also use a single prompt across multiple cells and type in a URL to reference online content. In the context of marketing, sales and data analysis, it has the potential to save a huge amount of time and effort.

This deal offers lifetime access for one user, with unlimited usage (you just need an OpenAI account). SheetGPT is rated 5/5 stars on AppSumo and SourceForge.

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