Tech news roundup: Amazon Prime Day and the highest-rated workplaces of 2019

This week's TechRepublic and ZDNet stories include a breach of Sprint customers' data, notes from the Duo Security 2019 access report, and how execs are taking charge of digital transformation plans.

Tech news roundup: Amazon Prime Day and the highest-rated workplaces of 2019

Amazon Prime's two-day parade of deals wrapped up with a bit of controversy. Workers stationed at several locations protested working conditions and benefits, saying things needed to change, but the orders still rolled in. Some of the biggest price reductions were seen on everything from iPads to Roombas and just about every other item that a tech enthusiast could ever want.

Speaking of work environments, on TechRepublic we've got the list of the 10 highest rated workplaces of 2019. The index takes into account benefits, work environment, and company values. Macy Bayern has the full list compiled by Indeed.

It wouldn't be our weekly roundup without a few security stories. A new study shows  80% of companies lack DMARC policies to protect against spoofing . The findings show that despite being the industry standard for email authentication to prevent cyberattacks, most companies aren't implementing the DMARC policies. Alison DeNisco Rayome has the details for us.

Sprint says hackers breached customer accounts through Samsung's website. Hackers had access to customer information such as names, addresses, device details, and much more. Sprint sent letters to customers informing them of the breach. It's unclear at this time just how long the hackers had access to the information and just how many customers were affected.

So how is your company's plan for digital transformation going? Mark Samuels explains on ZDNet how digital and marketing executives are taking charge of the process and spreading responsibility beyond the safe confines of the IT department. This strategy is said to create benefits for the business and its customers.

And finally, we've got your look on ZDNet of 2019's top tech, security, and authentication trends. The research is included in the Duo Security 2019 trusted access report. Data from 24 million devices was compiled, as well as information from one million apps and services. In case you're wondering, Google Chrome continues to be the favorite browser installed on enterprise devices.

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