Tech news roundup: GDPR turns 1, and who makes the best apps?

Karen Roby reports on this week's biggest tech news, which includes Huawei's Android license and GDPR's one-year anniversary, as well as what Microsoft says about a potential version of the law in the US

Tech news roundup: GDPR turns 1, and who makes the best apps?

I'm Karen Roby with your TechRepublic and ZDNet mid-week news roundup.

Google has revoked Huawei's Android license leading to concern and confusion for many...this comes after the tech giant responded to an executive order by President Trump. We have the latest on the saga and what you need to know.

This week marks the one-year anniversary of GDPR. How have businesses been affected by the legislation, and what does Microsoft have to say about a potential version of the law in the US?

And one-year into GDPR...Airship is revealing the results of a global benchmark study that examined the number of mobile app user permissions. While the mobile app audience continues to grow, some key points from the study may surprise you.

And speaking of apps...who makes the best ones for iPhones and iPads? We'll give you a's not Apple. Adrian Kingsley Hughes has the answer.

Data scientists are in real demand, but women make up only 18%of the data scientist population. Macy Bayern tells us why women aren't lining up for the hottest job title in 2019.

We've laid out for you 5 tech trends your business can't afford to ignore this year. Alison Denisco Rayome highlights the list, which includes investing in IoT devices and making telecommuting a reality for employees.

And finally, we're proud to say our sites are bringing home some serious hardware. Check out our work that was honored at the 2019 Azbee awards. Our website and several featured stories were recognized and our UK Editor in Chief Steve Ranger captured the gold for his work on Russian hackers and cybersecurity.

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