When you open the Address Book, Outlook
displays several different contact sources in the Show Names From
The drop-down list. For example, the list includes the Global
Address List and other Exchange Server address lists, the default
Contacts folder, the Personal Address Book, LDAP directory service
accounts, and other contacts folders the user has created.

One of the items in the list is the Outlook
Address Book (OAB). The OAB consolidates all of the user’s contacts
folders, listing each of the contact folders. By default, the OAB
only contains the default Contacts folder created when you
installed Outlook. As the user adds other contacts folders, these
folders also appear under the OAB.

In some cases, a user might not want a
particular contacts folder to appear under the OAB. For example, he
or she might use a second folder to keep track of personal contacts
but not use it to address e-mail.

To streamline the OAB, you can remove a folder
from the OAB list. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Folder List in Outlook.
  2. Right-click the contact folder you want to
    remove from the OAB, and choose Properties.
  3. On the Outlook Address Book tab, deselect the
    Show This Folder As An E-mail Address Book check box, and click

The Outlook Address Book tab also includes a
name field that specifies the name by which the folder appears in
the OAB. You can change the name in this field to change how the
OAB lists the folder without changing the name of the folder
itself. Renaming folders in this way can help users more quickly
identify address lists without requiring them to rename