Top 5 things phone makers are doing to catch your eye

The cell phone market gets more competitive by the day. Tom Merritt explains the top five ways phone makers are trying to make their products stand out in the crowd.

Top 5 things phone makers are doing to catch your eye

Phone sales are stagnating. Phone makers are trying almost anything to catch your eye--you could say they're literally bending over backwards to get you interested in a new phone. Here are five things phone makers are doing to try to attract your attention.

  1. Folding: Not folding up and going home, but folding your phone. Generally, it's pitched as a tablet experience that you can fold into a phone experience. Royole, Xiaomi, Huawei, and Samsung are all trying to get you interested in folding at home. Or at work. Or the cafe.
  2. Reserving a space for pre-orders: Don't want to mess with battling it out online to get a pre-order for a phone right after an announcement? Samsung tried out letting people reserve the right to pre-order before the announcement of the Galaxy S10. That's some blind love for the Galaxy.
  3. Touchless: LG is the latest to promote the idea of not even touching your phone--at least not for everything. Just gesture at it, and the camera will know it's you and what you want. Great for germaphobes!
  4. The hole punch: If you want an edge-to-edge screen but no unsightly notch, the hole-punch camera may be the best compromise--unless you don't want a front-facing camera.
  5. How about no ports at all? Meizu's Zero phone has no speaker holes, no SIM card slot, and no charging ports. It uses the screen as a speaker, eSIM tech, and wireless charging. It does have a hole for the mic. Nothing's perfect.

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Any of these get you thinking about making a change? Or are you that person still clinging to your BlackBerry Bold? That IS bold, I'll grant you.

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