Top 5 things to consider for your disaster recovery plan

You never know when disaster might strike, and being prepared can make all the difference. Tom Merritt suggests five tips for your disaster recovery plan.

Top 5 things to consider for your disaster recovery plan

Failure may not be an option, but it also may not be something you can avoid. Instead of pretending it's not possible, how about preparing so it doesn't do as much damage, and you can recover from it quickly? You need a disaster recovery plan (DRP). Here are five things to consider for your DRP.

  1. Decide what data you can lose: In the process, you'll begin to prioritize what you realize you can and cannot lose--this way you can focus on the most important systems and devices. 
  2. Is it worth paying for a safety net? A satellite location may be a hard sell, but it's the kind of expense that will seem like a waste... until the day it isn't. Decide how long your company can afford to be out of operation and judge the expense accordingly.
  3. Have a plan for mobile devices: They aren't always connected and need alternative backup and recovery plans. Those plans need to be secure, but able to function independently of the rest of the DRP.
  4. Get users on board: You may consider empowering them to handle some of their own backups. Feeling like they are a part of the DRP themselves will keep them considering implications for it in other things they do.
  5. Know where your data centers are: Whether they are yours or third-parties, keep track of them because they will change over time. Keep on top of contracts with vendors that might change locations or even regions of the world.

It's never any fun to think about things falling apart, but it is fun to know you've got a good plan in place to recover fast if they do. For more great tips on DRPs, check out Jesus Vigo's article 10 questions to consider before implementing a disaster recovery plan.

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