Top 5 things to know about low-code applications

Low-code applications help create programs efficiently and cheaply. Tom Merritt explains five things you should know about low-code applications.

Top 5 things to know about low-code applications

Low-code's time may have come. Low-code apps combine the simplicity of no code solutions with the capability of coding to give you nimble ways to create programs and applications you need quickly and cheaply. Making things quickly and cheaply, with the people you have on hand, has become more important. Here are five things to know about low-code applications.

  1. It's not new. The advance of Progressive Web Apps and the tightening of budgets has made it a more attractive option and shined a light on what no code can do.
  2. It's visual. Graphical elements abstract the plumbing you need in your code to let you drag and drop what you need the app to do while still using model-driven logic. This makes it much easier for people with minimal code knowledge to make an app, while still providing tools useful for more sophisticated developers.
  3. It's efficient. 451 Research estimates low-code can reduce development time up to 90%. Even if you don't reach that eye-watering number in many cases it's obviously faster.
  4. It makes you rethink workflow. Knowledge of the business model becomes the factor you need most when figuring out who should build and design some apps. This means more people can be in the app workflow, meaning less need to hire a new developer.
  5. It's relevant to more sectors. With remote working, learning, and treatment increased, there's more need for new tools. It's not just the enterprise looking for solutions that apps can provide. For instance the City of San Antonio used low-code to revamp a financial assistance program that went from a few dozen applications a week to thousands.

Low-code will let you get things done faster, but also save the talents of your actual coders for things you really need them for. Non-coders become more valuable too. 

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