Use screen savers to keep track of multiple Windows XP computers

If you use multiple Windows XP computers from a single monitor, here's how to work with the screen saver icon to avoid headaches and keep your systems straight.

If you regularly work with multiple Windows XP computers using a Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) switch, you may get confused about which computer you currently have on the screen. But if you don't need all the features of the BGInfo utility, there is a simple method that you can implement using either the 3D Text or Marquee screen saver.

  1. Launch Windows Explorer and locate either the sstext3d.scr file or the ssmarque.scr file in the C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder.
  2. Right-click the file and select Send To | Desktop (create shortcut).
  3. On the Desktop, right-click the shortcut, select the Configure command, type the name of the computer in the Text box, and click OK.
  4. Drag the shortcut to the Quick Launch toolbar.

Now to find out the name of the computer you just switched to, click the screen saver icon on the Quick Launch toolbar.

Note: This tip applies to both Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional.

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