Image: Verizon

On the heels of the first ever Formula One event held in Miami this weekend, Verizon has announced they will be offering access to its 5G Ultra Wideband network for the fans in attendance. According to estimates, 80,000 fans per day are expected to attend the inaugural Miami Grand Prix, held at Hard Rock Stadium. This will also be the first F1 event to provide fans with access to the high-speed 5G network, according to the wireless company.

“We are incredibly proud to partner with Verizon, a like-minded partner focused on innovation and redefining the fan journey,” said Kim Rometo, SVP and CIO of Hard Rock Stadium & the Miami Grand Prix. “Our goal for the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix is for each fan to leave the event reflecting on a first-class time and we are thrilled to collaborate with Verizon on delivering these unique and personalized experiences.”

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5G powering the Miami Grand Prix

Through the use of Verizon’s 5G Multi-View, F1 fans will be able to experience the Miami Grand Prix race through a number of different angles. The wireless company says fans will be able to see the competition through seven different views that will be broadcast in high definition through the Ultra Wideband network. This feature will be available for both Saturday’s qualifying race and Sunday’s centerpiece event. Attendees of the race will be able to access this number of camera views through use of Formula 1’s Miami Grand Prix event app.

While the race is the focal point of the weekend, fans will not only be able to experience the Miami Grand Prix from many different angles, but will also be granted access to the number of musical acts being held. Through the Formula 1 event app, attendees will be able to use the Hard Rock Beach Club Ultra Pass to watch musical acts such as Post Malone, Zedd, Tiesto and The Chainsmokers. These concerts will be broadcast in 4K through the Ultra Pass, and spectators can even use Verizon’s AR 5G portal to transport themselves to the middle of the performances.

The Miami Grand Prix is also expected to have autonomous shopping capabilities for fans to quickly and effortlessly purchase anything from concessions to merchandise at the event. Using the Hard Rock Stadium Express Shop, attendees can avoid lines by simply tapping a credit card and will subsequently receive a mobile receipt within minutes.

“Verizon is laser-focused on creating new 5G-powered innovations, unearthing what’s possible using the power of our network and working with partners to transform industries ranging from sports to retail,” said Srini Kalapala, SVP of Verizon Technology and Product Development. “This is a great opportunity to reimagine the fan and shopping experience at sporting events. This is only the tip of the iceberg as to the experiences that 5G and edge compute can unlock.”