Conference Business Meeting Presentation: CEO Businessman Shows Data to Group of Investors, Businessspeople. Projector Screen Shows Graphs, Product Sales, Revenue Growth Strategy, e-Commerce Analysis
Image: Gorodenkoff/Adobe Stock

One of the best parts of remote work is that you’re probably spending a lot less time in meetings, looking at boring presentations. You’re also probably making those presentations less, too. However, you never know when you might have to come through with a presentation while at your shared work space or on a business trip to the corporate office. It pays to be prepared, and you can start making better presentations anywhere you go with the Wewatch V50 5G Wi-Fi 1080P FHD Portable Projector.

This handy portable projector is great for setting up in a hurry when you have to make a quick presentation or for enjoying movies and TV shows at home. It offers native Full HD 1080p resolution for sharp and detailed videos, whether you’re presenting or enjoying an outdoor movie night. The 230 ANSI lumen brightness offers a high-quality contrast ratio that makes it easy to use in any lighting.

You can very precisely set the screen size between 36″ and 200″ from a distance of 3.8′ to 19′, giving you excellent flexibility with the space you’re presenting in. Plus, with ±15° keystone correction and focus adjustment, you’ll have even more control over the projection angle to get the perfect viewing experience—even if you’ve never used a projector before.

In terms of presenting content, the projector offers 2.4G and 5G dual-band Wi-Fi projection, so you can transfer movies, photos and other files from your iOS or Android devices to the the big screen via screen mirroring. The projector also lets you connect via HDMI, TF, AV or USB interfaces.

Make better presentations no matter where you are. Right now, you can get the Wewatch V50 5G Wi-Fi 1080P FHD Portable Projector for 34% off $219 at just $144.99.

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